DCS F-15C Dynamic Campaign: Screaming Eagle

Fly the F-15C Eagle fighter for the 58th Tactical Fighter Squadron in the 1991 Desert Storm air campaign against Iraq.


  • Dynamic campaign with open number of missions
  • Integrated into the DCS User Interface, plays like other campaigns
  • Single player or up to 4 player COOP
  • Persistent damage and resources tracking across missions

Download at ED forum: F-15C Dynamic Campaign: Screaming Eagle - User Created Missions General - ED Forums


Great scott! Superb work here, @MBot!


those screens make me wonder…are we EVER going to have this century new 3D models for planes like F-16, F-4, B1, F-117, etc.?

DCS: Cold War Asset Packs 1 through 5!

$39.99 each, taxes not included.



That last screenshot is bad ass!

Thanks, that took a while to stage :slight_smile:

On the old models, the thing is they actually do not bother me much. Working mostly with the MiG-21 and the F-5, I have been using the Phantom in pretty much every mission over the last years. And while the model is old, it does the job. Within a mission I mostly see the smoke trail, the big afterburner, the characteristic shape and in fact couldn’t tell from the cockpit whether it is a nice model or not. I am just glad that this incredible important aircraft is there to use in Cold War missions.

well, thinking that way we would never have improvements dude…at dogfight distances it could even be a 15 poly 3D max teapot but guess you would not be very happy with it dont you?, so it doesnt mean they didnt had the time to improve the LOMAC era 3d models in 15 years.

IM A MAN … But i got TEARS in my eyes :cry:
@MBot you made my day …

@Sargoth get ready for some crazy missions :smiley:

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We should coop this baby! Thanks Mbot.

A few screens from mission 1 tonight. The old man manged to bag two MiG-21s (1 x AIM9M, 1 x AIM7) and got everyone home. In fact the flight did fairly well despite leaving 4 minutes late. And in general, we got lucky avoiding SAMs. SEAD and strike could have been better. To the O club lads!

Sorry that I don’t have any BFM shots. Was too dang busy navigating and fighting. Will probably watch the replay one day. It wasn’t pretty.

Engine start. Man, they sure don’t like us to mix with the locals, do they.

Feels good to be back in the saddle.

Two lights 'em up.

Striker. These guys did not have a great day. All made it home though.

One is RTB. Go ahead and tell me that I’m landing on the wrong runway. Airport diagrams are for sissies.

These weasels could have been a whole lot wilder today.

Paint two red camels on this thing please. Quick, while it’s still in one piece.


PS: thanks a bunch @MBot. That was a lot of fun. I bet that you’ll let us fly as strike in the package once the Hornet is out :slight_smile: Oh yeah, I guess that we might have a SoH map then too. :+1:



Ooh must have. Any links to idiots guide to FC3

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Yes Grasshoper. You have come to the right place.