DCS F-16 Guide

When will the DCS Guide for F-16 be available?

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Not sure, but Chuck_owl mentioned he would provide one of his (most excellent) guides when ED finished the module…

Check the BMS site - it’s a fairly complete set


Hello @Specialk. Welcome to Mudspike!

I think that Chuck has plans for an F-16 guide but it may be limited to the module getting further along toward final release (and out of early access). These guides are a ton of work and having to edit them as/when/if changes are made in Early Access is probably not much fun :slight_smile:

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I agree with piper. The BMS docs are pretty solid and should hold you over until (or if) Chuck releases a guide.

When it’s done?

In all seriousness, I’ve already started to work on it, but the last three weeks have become crazy busy… so it will still be a few weeks of waiting, if not months if I can’t catch a break. Patreon users also have a better insight about what I’m working on currently.


Why yes it is…


What Chuck meNs is… in two week.
When ED finishes the module… then look for a guide. For now, let YouTube be your co pilot…

Why is nobody talking about this awesome update to the Viper Guide? More exciting than the Phantom Annoucement perhaps?! :joy:

The Viper Guide has been updated with all the new features from last year. Incredible work as usual, @Chuck_Owl , thank you so much. I guess I’ll finally have myself the pleasure of reading it again!