DCS: F-16C Viper EA Launch Impressions Thread

Hey there! If you are busy downloading the DCS F-16C Viper and want to post your first impressions about the module, then this thread is for you. :slight_smile:

Thanks! And try not to lawn-dart it!

Check out the module here:

The trailer here:

The ED Forum for the DCS: F-16C Viper here:

And, of course, the bug reports here:

ED Videos from their YouTube Channel: link


Delicious in VR…


Damnit people, seed harder!



I’m in love with the steam gauge portion of the bottom center panel…


I know I shouldn’t be dropping practice bombs here…but…but…it’s convenient!


It’s beautiful!

After all my time with F4\BMS, it’s like coming home.

I tried the cold start instant action mission and the power knob is on main pwr when you start. Also the radio volume is maxed out so when you do start the power, lots of static. It also happens when creating a mission with a cold start. Not a big deal.

Had to tweak the controls a bit, but for the warthog at least, the default key mappings are great.

Looking forward to diving in later tonight. Handles great.


Do you get a wierd sparking sound when you turn on your engine?


Welcome to the forums. I haven’t done the cold start mission yet. I only had about an hour to mess around this afternoon - I have to be a soccer dad in a bit.


Is it maybe this:

“Below the radio knobs for Comm 1 and Comm 2, turn them to GD. The static is the squelch I think, which defaults to on even though it says off. Fixed it for me.”


Yes Thanks !

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Oh she’s glorious, a real rocket ship on the deck.

But after flying the Hornet almost exclusively for a year, the landing gains mode of the FLCS feels ultra weird. Not only that the AoA bracket works the other way around, but there’s something else that kills me. Muscle memory is not my friend today.


That is one hot jet, isn’t it? Almost as hot as the Mirage. I enjoyed my first three flights in it very much.

First I tried the gulf map cold start. Nice busy airfield. That static took me some time to squelch. But apart from watching the cold start vid when it came out, I easily managed the C&D challenge in it. I also greased my first landing. Falcon 4 taught me well.

The FM feels good. On rails but that’s to be expected from a FBW jet. It does react to jet wash in the manner you’d expect. It’s not as slick as the mirage, but man does it turn well when clean! I also love the UI. It’s far from perfect, but I was tuning my radio’s like a boss with only five minutes of fiddlin’.

Next up I tried the nevada sidewinder practice run. Sidewinder to the face works pretty darn well! I do not like that the only AA gun mode is EEGS. I want a CCIP pipper. I remember that you could choose gun modes in F4, so perhaps that is something that’ll come later in EA. It’s ok. Just close the distance 'till you see the dangly bits, put the gun cross on his noggin and let fly. Zapped ‘em joos’ fine sah!

Finally I tried the Caucasus BFM. Those flankers were dead meat. This thing has the agility but doesn’t bleed speed as bad as some other machines do, and you can very easily control the engagement with that big ol’ engine strapped to your butt. pardonez mon francais but that is just $$@!@%* awesome :smiley:

No Dutch skins (yet)! BOO! HISS!


Great to be dropping 97’s from a fast platform :smiley: Refueling is great. Only caveat for me is the high thrust coupled with a mild delay. Before you know it, you’re darting out ahead of the tanker. After some mental training of “staying ahead of the jet” she was a blast to tank in. Anyone else have some issues with maintaining lock when rolling or turning? Feels similar to what the Hornet had issues with when it first came out. Overal a fantastic plane, though! As expected, it’s my new favorite :slight_smile:


Haven’t managed to take fuel yet, the tanker immediately calls ‘transfer complete’ on contact. How did you manage to stay connected? Apart from that, she’s very stable and easy to get into position.


You sure you emptied her up a bit for hooking up with her? The boom refuels way faster than the drogues we’ve been used to using for the last few years in the F-14 and the F/A-18. It should be doing about 125lbs per second which seems accurate judging from the fuel gauge.

Some day 1 PGM’s as well :sunglasses:


Have any other vr users noticed that the hmd only shows in one eye, is this correct?

This is a verified bug right now, was the same for me even after several attempts.