DCS: F-16C Viper EA Launch Impressions Thread

Regarding rearward visibility assuming you use VR, don’t forget to incline your seat like in the real thing, it’s like that on purpose;)


Not in VR yet, but a good point nevertheless!

I have spent a few hours yesterday in the Viper.

I am shocked in the most unpleasant way.

Quoting this post: Known Bugs we are tracking already as of 10-03-2019 at viper EA launch. - Bugs and Problems - ED Forums

  • All things Damage Model are currently WIP
  • Pilot body WIP
  • Wing Flex WIP
  • DED symbols not affected by reflection
  • Seat Shadows in the cockpit not complete
  • LAU-3 firing issues after reload
  • LERX vortexes only on-air start
  • Some stores alignment issues remain
  • Tanker can send ‘transfer complete’ in error
  • OBOGS BIT Switch isn’t clickable
  • MPO check shows nothing
  • Depressible Reticle Switch doesn’t affect on HUD
  • Some MP sync issues remain
  • AoA bracket is bouncing around while taxiing under 60kts.
  • No animation on the engine inlet fans
  • Pilot shows still in the cockpit after ejection
  • EQUIP HOT caution light doesn’t illuminate after for AIR SOURCE selected OFF
  • AWACS Declare not available
  • ENG CONT switch doesn’t affect nozzle position
  • Trying to eject with seat unarmed causes ejection soon as the seat is armed
  • HUD IAS delta is too big comparing with info bar
  • In certain cases, Afterburner flame overlaps engine nozzle
  • HUD velocity switch doesn’t display Ground Speed
  • AR floodlight and other lights on fuselage doesn’t work
  • ALT GEAR Handle isn’t clickable
  • HUD Brightness Control Switch not functioning
  • EMER Jettison and GRND jettison not functioning
  • Seat adjustment moves POV but not model
  • PNEU label is not displayed
  • Hook doesn’t extend
  • Infobar shows wrong flaps value
  • Stores Drag WIP
  • Active and Time to Intercept calculations for DLZ
  • Sidewinder COOL is not selected when any AA Override mode is selected
  • modifier button works as toggle should work as momentary
  • Flashlight White/Green Toggle issue
  • Tacan/ ILS crash
  • Fuel flow

The Viper being released with all these issues known shakes my confidence in ED’s judgment. With no damage model and no IFF, the Viper is completely unusable in multiplayer. It is being actively removed on servers for that very reason since people get kicked for team killing.

The Hornet did not have these issues on release and was considered Early Access. The Viper seems like a prime example of management pushing too hard to meet a deadline. Early Access is supposed to mean that a solid baseline is to be used, then expanded upon to include more complex systems. At this moment, the baseline does not meet minimum quality standards at all.


Chuck, I think you need to take into consideration that most DCS players don’t even fly online. I had a blast flying it yesterday in VR. It needs a lot of work I know, but I am glad they pushed it out to us. I’m sure the updates will come thick and fast over the coming weeks.


Yup me too…
I realize there’s glaring omissions, but it’s day one of Early access- whoever expect more than baseline features deluded themselves…
And I agree with PaulRix, day one MP support?
Meh, not the point of day one early access

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From the experience of myself, @Franze and @USMCBEANS flying the 104th server…the lack of IFF is partly a non-issue as far as open public PvP. The number of instances of team killing is very high WITH both IFF and datalink. Players TK, get kicked, rejoin and repeat. AMRAAM and Phoenix are launched indiscriminately by some (of course not all players). Multiple times I have had to dodge friendly fire simply for flying back towards home base - both BVR and WVR, and yes - that includes a sidewinder death by friendly Hornet.

Flying with those guys coop PvE last night on our own mission was an exercise in communication: where are you? How high? Relative to bandit? Do you see the target at X nautical miles? North, south, east west? Climbing/diving?

We did have F10 as a backup to locate AI friendlies, which I know isn’t an option on all servers but concession should be considered for a day one early access.

The complete lack of damage model was a strange bit I agree entirely. I got hit, which is an instant pilot kill but the plane just kinda keeps going. Disappointed with that. Even the Hornet which usually pilot-kills (used to almost always), gives you something to look at.

I must also state that I didn’t get Hornet day 1 so I can’t compare, I only bought the Hornet in August of 18.


Respectfully, I completely disagree with this argument. People tend to forget that most of the content on youtube and social media is multiplayer-centric and this is what gives DCS the most visibility: the social aspect of flight simulation.

I understand what Early Access is supposed to be. I’ve flown every module from their release date. However, this is the first time I have ever felt a module was so lacking in terms of basic features. When the Hornet first released, I remember saying in my preview article “This is an example of Early Access done right.” But we had a stubbed IFF, a damage model, about 60 % of DDI page menus, functional external lighting, functioning air-to-air refueling system, a functioning ordnance jettison system…We have none.of that with the Viper. The baseline of available features is simply too restricted compared to what was the standard in the past.

You can’t seriously compare what the Hornet had at first with what the Viper has at this moment and tell me they are on the same level.

When I write my guides, I tend to dig as deep as I can to see what’s simulated or not. I don’t think I have a unique perspective but I believe I have an informed one. I cannot believe that people think the Early Access model is being applied in the same manner now in comparison to how it was being applied before… and that this is to be reasonably expected.


The beauty of Mudspike is that we can agree to disagree, and still be friends :grinning:.

I’m just saying that I am enjoying flying the F16. It has a long way to go systems wise, but for now I am happy to be able to fly it. As far as multiplayer is concerned, it doesn’t affect me st all because I fly offline only. I believe about 80% of the player base only fly offline. Anyway, I hope the updates come fast. It’s going to evolve into a great module. I have every confidence in that.


Of course we can. :slight_smile:


Better question imo is : was Viper EA applied without anything ED stated it will have at EA?

It also brings it home to me that although I might like to think of myself as a hardcore simmer, the reality is that I am probably not these days.

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The difference in completion to the Hornet hit me as well while i tried to go through the MFD pages. On the other hand, a lot more weapon systems are currently functioning, as well as the TGP. It’s sort of like the things they could port easily from the Hornet are working it would seem. Some stuff that is tailored to the Viper is missing.

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Well, according to: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=241132

Our Viper will be an F-16C with the Common Configuration Implementation Program (CCIP) upgrade. We feel this to be the most versatile version of the F-16 with capabilities for SEAD, precision attack, close air support, and of course air-to-air. We will be taking great care though to develop a very accurate simulation of the F-16C Block 50 operated by the United States Air Force and Air National Guard circa 2007.

For this project, we are striving to create a very authentic simulation of this particular aircraft at a specific point in time. We have no desire to create a Frankenstein’s Monster that combines multiple F-16C versions from different time periods.

Core systems of our F-16C include:

  • F-110-GE-129 turbofan engine
  • AN/APG-68(V)5 multi-mode radar
  • AN/ALR-56M Radar Warning Receiver
  • AN/ALQ-131/184 ECM pods
  • CCIP (Common Configuration Implementation Program) update
  • ALE-47 countermeasure system

This will be a massive project, so we will separate it into two phases: Phase 1 Early Access release and then Phase 2 Product Sustainment.

Phase 1 Early Access:

  • Color Multifunction Display (CMFD) symbology, Horizontal Situation Display (HSD) format, and Head-up Display (HUD) symbology
  • Digitally TACAN and Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator (EHSI)
  • RWS, SAM, and ACM A/A radar modes
  • BDU-33, BDU-50LD/HD, Mk-82LDGP, Mk-82AIR, Mk-84LDGP, CBU-87 CEM, and CBU-97 SFW unguided bombs
  • 2.75” rockets LAU-68 and LAU-131
  • Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS)
  • AIM-9L/M/P/X Sidewinder
  • M61A1 20mm cannon

First skin will be the 55th FS at Shaw AFB.

Phase 2 Product Sustainment:

  • TWS A/A radar mode
  • Multifunctional Information Distribution System (MIDS)
  • Link 16 Data Link
  • A/G radar modes
  • AGM-65D/G/H/K Maverick
  • AGM-88C HARM
  • AN/ASQ-213 HARM Targeting System (HTS)
  • AN/AAQ-28(V) LITENING targeting pod
  • GBU-10, GBU-12, GBU-24A/B laser-guided bombs
  • BRU-57/A Smart Rack
  • CBU-103 CEM and CBU-105 SFW Inertially Aided Munitions (IAM)
  • GBU-31/A and GBU-38/B JDAM
  • AGM-154A and AGM-154B JSOW
  • Integration of the JHMCS with the HARM Targeting System (HTS), Link 16, and AIFF
  • Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
  • ALE-50 towed decoy

In either phase, there is no mention of IFF, damage model, external lighting, fuel system, HOTAS integration, and CFMD sub-pages, which are the main deficiencies.


I was going to keep that button a secret in hopes nobody would be able to find it…haha…


NWS A/R DISC / MSL STEP Button, but I’m not sure if it works currently. In A/G mode it switches weapons / bomb modes.

Go to dogfight override mode, then you use TMS to select ACM mode:

• TMS Up - Boresight (BORE) Submode
• TMS Down - Without target lock: 10°x 60° (Vertical Scan)
With target lock: Target Reject and 30°x 20° (HUD Scan) NO RAD
• TMS Right - 30°x 20° (HUD Scan)
• TMS Left - No function yet, I think it should be Slewable Submode

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I didn’t know what to expect from EA but yes there is a lot missing - however it was and is the only module where I have completed all the content already without reading or watching any training material whatsoever :slight_smile:

There is a long way to go but quite frankly not that bothered considering there are other modules a really need to get value out of instead.

I did relate a bit to this guy yesterday:


Ha ha, me too :wink:

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Sorry then :frowning: I tried as well and it’s working for me with and without bags. I didn’t do a cold start to practice refueling though. Made my own mission with me a mile behind the tanker. flipped open the refueling port, asked for gas and got it just fine. Hopefully they’ll fix your issue soon.

I have a suspicion that that may be the culprit.

Flew some more just now. Switching missiles is awkward. AFAIk can only be done using the MFD OSB. MSL STEP only switches between missiles of the same type. There’s also a (known) bug with sidewinder audio remaining on even after deselecting them.

Phoaar! what a monster this thing! I love it! motherlovin’ rocket ship! I was outflying the AI with a confidence and ease no other ride in DCS gives. The hornet ends up grovelling at 110knots, the tomcat will watch your every move for an opportunity to bite your left nut off and the mirage will bleed speed like it’s throwing out the anchors.

But the viper? It just flies textbook BFM. Crisp and clean and with all the power a boy could wish for. And a roll rate to die for. All I want for christmas is a gun pipper.