DCS F-18 and DCS F-16 Feature List

I’ve been looking for a day but I cant seem to find a list of current feature for each plane(F-18 and F-16) in DCS.

I know both are still early access but I thought there was a list of current included features somewhere. Does one exist or are the jets complete with final polishing being done?

We wish :innocent: Both jets still need quite a few things before they are complete, and some things that are still supposed to come are rather large tasks such as the AG radars and updated FLIR. ED hopes to have both birds out of early acces by the end of this year, though.

There are some lists of implemented and planned features and weapons for both planes, but they haven’t really been kept up to date. A good overview are the official youtube channels since new features usually get a tutorial video from Wags to accompany them. Is there anything specific you’re looking for?

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Not really, both jets will be bought and i’m assuming that the F-18 is farther along than the F-16, But HARM implementation and TGPs would be near the top of my list.

I like both jets but Im looking to purchase one before the other, just seeing if I could compare current features to see which one “jumped out” at me so to speak.

Correct. The F/A-18 is the only one with the AGM-88C right now. They both have a TGP implemented (The Hornet, although being a dedicated navy variant, has a “placeholder” USMC TGP and should get its true navy ATFLIR at some point during early access). Overall, the hornet is quite a lot further ahead in avionics development (I.E FPAS in the 18 vs CRUS in the 16 which is still missing), the 18 is also quite a bit further ahead in the A2G PGM department (JSOW, HARM, JDAM, Maverick etc whereas the 16 only has LGB’s for now). They’re pretty much equal in the air-to-air department with both jets now having AIM-120, TWS, JHMCS and AIM-9X as well as datalink implementation. Although a rather big missing thing on the 16 is the lack of LCOS, so no radar guided air-to-air gunnery.

On a personal level, I’m very partial to the F-16, but there’s a good deal on the F/A-18C now where you also get the new updated carrier (with some cool stuff such as playable Landing Signal Officer slot etc) and the Su-33 if you didn’t already have it for just $5 more than just the hornet on its own.


Thanks. I like the F-16 too because I have worked on them but I have flown it in a sim before where as the F-18 I never have flown in a sim. Sounds to me like the 18 is the way to go for now.

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I would agree. The Hornet, while incomplete, is less incomplete than the F-16. I did not know they expect to have both completed this year, the F-16 seems like it would take longer, but I know they are trying to leverage as much work as they can from one to the other thanks to their similar vintage and equipment.

For now, I’m content to mess around with the Hornet (and to a lesser extent the Tomcat, which I’ve let mostly get dusty since getting the Hornet) and leave the F-16 to get more complete before I really try to relearn it. I knew a ton about it 15-20 years ago thanks to Falcon 4, but gave it up when DCS came along.


The Falcon 4.0 of 15-20 years ago is vastly different from the BMS of today. Do yourself a favor and load up BMS and learn the Viper properly while waiting for DCS to catch up. Seriously, the only thing DCS has over BMS is VR integration (and graphics), everything other category goes to BMS in my opinion.

Admins, I need you to ban this guy for heresy against out lord and savior, Tomcat. :grinning:


Just realized you can basically get the Supercarrier for $4 if you havent bought the hornet yet ($64 package). I paid $60 for the hornet and then $25 for the carrier.

If I had to pick one or the other, I’d get the hornet. It has Marine paint jobs.


@Gunnyhighway …now you’ve done it. I pulled the trigger on this deal…for the first time, I’ve bought a full-priced DCS module. What have you done.


I don’t have time to learn the Tomcat, the Harrier, the Viggen, the F-86, the Mig-21, and the Hornet as it is.

I’m not dedicating a second to going back in time to BMS. It may be free, but I literally cannot afford it.


Man I have the m2000, the Harrier, and the tomcat to learn plus which ever get I decide next.

All of the mighty MiGs it seems! :cccp: