DCS F-18 Tpod Issue/ Question

Quick question on the Lightening pod.

I was in a mission setting up a TOO jdam drop. An enemy plane crossed right in front of me, looking to capitalize on my position and support a blue F-14 that it was maneuvering on, I switched from A2G to A2A. After the engagement was over I switched back to A2G and the tpod looked right back at the target, however I had lost the ability to control the tpod. I tried putting the pod in standby and then back to on but all that did was move where I was looking and I still don’t have any control. Yes I have the little diamond in the corner of the screen to say that I’m controlling that MFD.

Whats the step I’m missing?


Is Waypoint Designate set? If it is, hit ‘undesignate’ (NWS button) and see if you can slew now.

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Well that was part of the problem, when I hit the NWS it unstowed the Tpod but I still don’t seem to have control.

Edit: I got it, it had something to do with how the pod tracks. I was able to cycle modes and it I can move it again. Thanks!