DCS: F-18C With waggle head...


And I agree, “Thank you ED for this flight simulation.”


That’s really well done. The Hornet is going to be righteous.

That wave bye bye did make me hope for a study level Mud Hen one day.

Just… just… How they manage the hands in cockpit? Also, is A2A refueling actually so well done in game too?
Pipe arching like that? and the fuel escaping the probe?

I’m hoping that it’s a 2.x improvement… pleeeeease!?

No. Also F/A-18Cs can’t carry buddy pods and the MFD screen showed the wrong kind of Hornet and wow, I am grumpy.


You need a big ol snowy mountain to climb! :mountain: That’ll either cheer you up or kill you. :slight_smile:


I seem to remember seeing a Virtual Blue Angels video with a pilot doing the “raise the roof” on taxi out, so maybe scripted something or other?

Maybe blue screen.

Maker confirmed is superimposed. His own hands with GoPro added in post prod.

Same with the refueling probe and spilled fuel.

No matter it looks so awesome I’m fine with it.
Maybe ED catches the drift and model it somewhat close to it?

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With the new wing vapor animation, shouldn’t be too big a stretch to add some “fuel” vapor when disconnecting, if that’s even realistic.