DCS F-22A MOD installation

I have installed the F-22A MOD and it works fine except that I cannot fly it. The reason is that the CMD file that is included points to unknown directories. Anyone have any solutions?

CMD file?

Yes. This file is included and needs to be run in order to fly the plane but points to unknown directories
01 F-15C Avionik.cmd

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Ah I see.
No idea then, not from work at least…

I hope you are putting the Mod in the Mod folder. So look for Saved Games/DCS (Open Beta or Stable)/MOD/Aircraft. Drop it in there. Then open Mission Editor and put it in/Select Player as the pilot and you should be good to go.

Thanks but I have done all those things - it remains AI only :frowning:

Do you own Flaming Cliffs 3?

Awwwww Yessssss… NO FC3, No F22 Fo Sho


Definitely this


Is it also installed?


Didn’t they change something about the FC3 file structure breaking the F-22 and similar mods a couple patches ago?

Yes but Growling sidewinder posted a F-22 dogfight vid yesterday

Did he post a link to the version of the mod he was using? Perhaps he is on a newer or different version to your one? Is the one you have the most up to date example from the author? Dcs updated to latest release or Open Beta version? Install the mod and then use the repair function to see if it helps?
Thats about all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope that’s some help

It is possible they were using an older DCS version for that video as well.

@Ragnar Sorry buddy. I know, the heart wants what the heart wants. I am at work for another 8 hours but then I can go home and try to install it. I will report my findings. I really liked the mod when i had it.

Thanks to everyone who tried to help! The truth is that it was more curiosity than anything else. I love the eye candy of the highly detailed cockpits of the official modules and I have no problem simply using the Raptor as AI backup.

Its a sad day @Ragnar. Like @schurem said, its broke. I used to enjoy that mod :thinking: :confounded: