DCS F-5E - DSR 4K Test - Training bombing on open conflict

So … i managed to get a new graphics card which is the 1080gtx and tried DSR - Dynamic Super Resolution (Technology made by NVIDIA) and if i thought DCS looked like magic before … DSR is BLACK MAGIC ! lol .

Enjoy the video its uncut …


With DCS World 2.1, 4k is going to blow you away :slight_smile:

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ohh man i cant wait till normandy is released allready … !!! :smiley:

Most likely a dumb question, but does the higher resolution improve identifying aircraft and ground targets?

Not for me; it makes it harder. When I run 4k enemy aircraft become tiny, tiny dots at distance. If I run at 1080p (on my 4k screen) the picture seems a little blurry, because of the scaling, but now I can more easily see enemy air contacts.

So I tend to use 4k for making videos and such and, grudgingly, 1080p when I am in any situation that requires air-to-air combat :slight_smile:

tbh with DSR i can spot them better XD

DSR? I have not had may daily dose of coffee yet. This one is escaping me :slight_smile:

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Dynamic Super Resolution, basically Nvidia’s oversampling to run a higher resolution that your native monitor supports as a form of brute force anti-aliasing. Popular in VR, where the panels resolution is a bit low.

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It makes it look very pretty, I had to activate the magnifier to see to edit my config as I could not get DCS to list the 4K resolution

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So that allows you to take a 4k image (as rendered by the game) and down-scale it to your monitor resolution (say 1080p)?

Yep. With powerful GPUs and CPUs being the bottleneck regardless of resolution, it’s possible to run the game at 4k+ but just view it in pure 1080 (as the max of the monitor in this case). The colormix, shaders etc all then make it look nicer, sort of like a hardware aliasing using a downscale.

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And it looks like magic :smiley:

really nice to see stuff around u very sharp

Will there be a way to use it in VR does anyone know. Like keep the Pixel desity of 1.0 and increase the visual quality using this method?

@fearlessfrog said something about it … :slight_smile:

It’s essentially the same thing really. The Nivida DSR mode just gives a virtual resolution that can be picked in games that is higher than your native monitor, so shaders work nicely at 4k and then it downscales it to your monitors lower native resolution. Pixel Density is the same thing, but rather than a ‘virtual resolution’ that you see to pick in Windows, it’s more internal to how the VR headsets are given a target to render to. The fact they just use different scaling numbers (1.5 pd vs 4k -> 1080p) is just part of archaeology of bad computing term naming.

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