DCS F-5E Dynamic Campaign: Desert Tiger 76

My single biggest pet peeve about DCS is the lack of a ready button for every player so that there can be some co-ordination or discussion at mission start. It drives me nuts when I am trying to get a plan together and someone is already in the jet and taxiing away (yes I am looking directly at you @Tyco)

It can just be an option to toggle on or off in the mission parameters so that JiP missions can skip it, but organized groups can be held at the briefing.


Well, hold of with coop for the moment. I just made a very bad discovery. The debriefing.log file is indeed almost empty after a MP mission, except for a single “mission end” event being logged. If it is indeed by design that MP missions are not logged in DCS, then you can scratch coop from my DCs :frowning:

This campaign system and this first campaign were developed primary with singleplayer in mind. As such I have also extensively play-tested it (played over 50 individual missions over the last month). Coop was designed as an extension of SP by changing slots to Client while keeping everything else the same. Since everything else is exactly the same, I never really bothered to test coop beyond confirming that client aircraft spawn. Who would have expected that in MP missions the events are not logged?


Perhaps it’s just a different hook that is being used?

Noooo! I know you can use GameGui to create your own logs. If a saavy lua programmer knew what events you needed logged and what output format you needed, an “mBotDC_GameGui.lua” could probably be generated in the order of a few hours.

TacView still puts out tracks with the events.

Wait. Is it possible that a server setting needs to be enabled similar to what TacView requires on the server?

Server should have been set to allow export of data. Otherwise Simple Radio shouldn’t have worked.

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Well, one mission into the campaign. It’s awesome! Three of the fuel tanks at Creech and two MiG-21’s are down, with no Blue Force losses.

Campaign updated to V1.01 to fix coop stats tracking.

I decided to write my own custom events log. I am not too happy about that for a number of reasons, but currently can see no other solution for the coop problem. Fingers crossed this has not introduced new bugs, but probably has.


Thanks @MBot!

Created an account on here just to thank you for taking the time to create this dynamic campaign for the F-5E. @MBot


Thank you @SkookumCNDdna, greatly appreciated.

I hope to read some nice AAR soon :wink:


Hey @MBot. We tried multiplayer again on Tuesday but ran into the same issues as before. We both hit briefing at the same time, both click fly at the same time and waited a few seconds to unpause the server. When we did unpause, a few seconds later we were transported to our aircraft but were left floating over it. @near_blind fiddled a little (which may or may not have led to the second bit) and after he did we were able to get in the cockpit after the few seconds of floating over the desert but at mission end we did not get a proper result (@near_blind can fill in the details for that).

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Sorry it is not working for you, I have no idea why.

Is that being run on a stand alone server or a single instance in multi-player (ie: locally hosted)? I think that @near_blind and I were on a stand-alone server with both he and I connected to it. Maybe. He can correct me.

The campaign “runs” locally at the server. The mission evaluation will be done when the host closes the mission/server, only the host will see the debriefing screen and on the host machine the next campaign mission will be generated.


hi @MBot i tried doing the same thing with @Sargoth, what happened was first time we both got in my server checked the slots, clicked fly, unpaused it and no pilot in the plane, next what i did was trying the same thing u did which was to make a first mission for 2 players opened a server and i told Sargoth to wait so i started the mission by myself and it worked. hope it might reflects what is the issue but i got the same thing.

@esonub were you running the campaign on a dedicated server? ie: a server that no players were playing on directly but were connecting to? In other words, no one was hosting the mission on the same PC that they were using to play?

@Fridge just a regular server i opened from my pc to host the campaign mission. the server had a password aswell that only me and sargoth knew of … so no one else connecting

Ok. I was just wondering if the server was running on the same PC you were playing on.

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So it works if the host is alone but doesn’t if he has a wingman? I will have to arrange a test session to check that out. Sounds very strange.

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