DCS F-5E Dynamic Campaign: Desert Tiger 76

Join a F-5E Tiger II of the 57th Fighter Weapon Wing at Nellis AFB, Nevada and participate in a 1976 offensive air war exercise against period Warsaw Pact air and ground threats.


  • Dynamic campaign with a estimated length of over 50 missions
  • Fully integrated into the DCS User Interface
  • Single player or up to 4 player COOP
  • A variety of Air-Air and Air-Ground mission types
  • Persistent damage and resources tracking across missions

Download at ED forum: F-5E Dynamic Campaign: Desert Tiger 76 - User Created Missions General - ED Forums


Looks brilliant, Mbot! Can’t wait to give it a try tomorrow :smiley:

I think that there are a few of us who will be trying that out pretty quickly :slight_smile:

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My last Mbot dynamic campaign experience was great, can’t wait for this one!

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Looking forward to this one.

Yo @MBot

One small bug we’ve found trying to run the mission. When generated for multiplayer, the client aircraft are set to “uncontrolled”, and players can’t join the aircraft. It’s easily fixable in the mission editor, but I thought you’d like a heads up.

Otherwise this looks great, we’re literally on the tarmac for the first mission now. Thanks for the effort!

I hope you had a good time.

Aircraft being uncontrolled at mission start is actually by design. They should be activated automatically 2 seconds into the mission*. One second into the mission, map objects that were destroyed during a previous mission will be exploded. Should such map objects be at an air base, this ensures that no aircraft are damaged on the ground. Just let the server clock tick for some seconds before entering the cockpits.

*There have been reports that in some cases DCS is trying to put clients on a parking position occupied by an AI aircraft, in which case spawning will be impossible.



ohh its gonna be awseom !!! :smiley:

well boys i just tried it and its amazing feel ALIVE and im feeling ALIVE aswell @MBot very nice job loved the way everything is placed very realistic especially the enemy search radar on the first EWR 102 mission … still i wish u could choose diffrent mission at the certain time but thats DCS for now and its not BMS but still is awsome and it rocks loved it ! :smiley:

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Played two missions in multiplayer mode on Sunday evening but we ran into an issue where the results being posted back to the mission configuration script was incorrect. In the first mission we destroyed the EWR Radar (well, it was a radar site) with 3 losses out of 4 (we were rusty :slight_smile:) but the results posted back said that everyone survived and no targets were hit.

It is likely that we have something misconfigured but is anyone else seeing this in multiplayer mode?

Do you remember if it was missing in the stats of your package at the top of the debriefing and also the client stats at the bottom? Was the EWR site still listed as 100% in the Ground Assets list?

I will check when we run it again. It may have been related us trying to fix to the parking position problem with DCS (where people can not get into their aircraft while another is in the parking position assigned to them).

The EWR site was listed as 100%, and our squadron was listed as having 0 kills and 0 losses. We had actually destroyed the two EWR vehicles (the radar and the Ural 375 PBU), as well as one or two of the ZU-23s at the cost of three F-5s (whoops :slight_smile:).

Very weird. Multiple independent stats were not tracked, yet the fact that you even had a debriefing excludes a general configuration problem. Sounds almost like the log file was empty.

I have to ask, just to be sure: You did not add new aircraft in the ME or change the unitname of aircraft?

I don’t believe so, but I won’t rule it out. The only thing I intentionally did was set the client aircraft to controlled in the mission editor due to my misunderstanding in my previous post. I don’t know if this would effect things, or if somehow I managed to accidentally change a unit name while doing that.

I’ll check for sure tonight

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Maybe if someone had shown up Two Hours Later as indicated I wouldn’t have been so tempted to err.


It wasn’t really a loss per se, more of a tactical departure from normal ops to ensure the airframe hit the enemy, as my bombs didn’t. its all for the cause…all for the cause

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Just a little heads-up for the coop players. Everyone needs to select his slot before the host unpauses the mission. After the clock is ticking, you wont be able to select an aircraft and enter the cockpit (you will be stuck in the outside view). This has always been my standard procedure, so I didn’t notice this particular requirement before. Not sure why DCS behaves this way, but should be a non-issue for coop play.