DCS: F-5E Tiger II

Not a huge shock to see confirmed :smile:


“Continuing working on the “famous” fighters’ line, we are especially concerned about game balance in DCS World. The best rival for the beloved by users MiG-21bis is an American fighter F-5E Tiger II, developed by the Northrop in the second half of the last century.”


Well I know what skin we need to put on it to make a MiG-28:


This comes as a huge shock to me!!! LOL!!! Awesome! just plain awesome! Allthough I think @wagmatt knew about this for a little bit :wink:

Man, that guy gets the inside scoop on EVERYTHING.


With as much as he knows - ED should consider hiring him.


I missed this reveal yesterday … looking forward to this interesting addition.

Well there was that one livestream with a F-5E Icon in the main menu haha.

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And during a recent livesteam, that whole, “oh wow, look at all these F-5’s. What are THEY doing here, I wonder…?”

haha yeah

7min mark. also excited about the MiG28 :smile:


From a Hoggit link, here is a link to an F-5E Tiger II manual:



New develop info of Belsimtek F-5E Tiger II.


[quote]Read more about what is done at the moment concerning the development of the DSC: F-5E Tiger II:

The external model is almost fully implemented. You can choose some of the most famous colour skins;

The 3D model of the cockpit is fully implemented;

All the aircraft systems are accurately simulated in high detail;
-The new engine compressor model is implemented based on accurate blade loads calculation.
-The new model provides simulation of the compressor guiding unit functioning and the expanded range of engine operation modes (high and low compressor stalls, compressor operating in windmill mode);
-The radar, optical sight, jettison system, possibility of gun firing, launching of air-to-air missiles, air-to-ground rocket firing, flare and chaff ejection are implemented into the model of the aircraft’s weapon system. All the above-mentioned items are now operating properly;

The flight model:
-operational range of altitude and speed, acceleration with various payloads and G loads (in sustained turns and at maximum angles-of-attack) are tuned basing on available information on the flight dynamics of the real aircraft; the model behavior at critical angles-of-attack (stalling) and post-stall behaviour (post-stall gyrations and spins) in general correspond to the descriptions in the real aircraft documents;
-Flight manual in Russian for the game module is developed.

In order to present this module in the Early Access version, we are to complete the following items:
-make proper adjustments of operation of certain aircraft systems (for example, to adjust pump capacity, hydraulic fluid mass-flow rates, electric grid loads, etc.);
-translate the Flight manual into English for English-speaking users. We try to take into account all our mistakes made during the development of the previous modules. At this stage quality translation and localization of the game Manual for English-speaking users is the most significant problem;
-develop the Quick Start manuals in Russian and in English based on the complete Flight manuals in both languages.[/quote]


Looking very nice! Soon @near_blind will be able to fly the Mig-28 he has been whining about :wink:

Something about wanting to shoot down TomCats…


little details… :slight_smile:

Belsimtek F-5E Tiger II on early access expected to May 2016 and Bsk move to final release of Mi-8.



Ooh! Love that attention to detail on the engine model.

If it’s a good enough jet to humiliate the pilot who took this shot

It’s good enough for me.


I’m a big of Belsimtek, and look forward to the F-5E. But to say that it is the best opponent for a Mig-21 is puffery. That would be the F-4E, of bloody course.

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I’m not sure the -21Bis has ever fought the F-4. The Bis isn’t old enough to have taken part in Vietnam, and the only other MiG/Phantom fights I can think of were Israel/Syria. I think Syria operated the type during Operation Peace for Galilee, but I don’t know if the IDF F-4s killed any.

What I’m getting at here is we don’t have the right MiG for Vietnam, it’s engine and radar are more advanced than anything the VPAF had. I can’t say I know if the F-5 saw any significant action against the Bis, but their configuration and operation goals are similar, so it’s not a stretch to say they’re good opponents for one another.

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Technically, you are right again near_blind.

I guess that I’m looking for some historical significance in the pairing. When I think of F-5, I think of an aircraft that was a fantastic idea, but a commercial failure. It’s a really cool looking sexy airplane that probably didn’t receive a fair evaluation. In my undoubtedly short sighted opinion, F-5 stirs up images of VNAF, NASA T-38, or Top Gun aggressors.

When you go to Google and type the string “Mig-21 vs”, what will be auto filled is “F-4”. Count me with the clueless masses.

What about the DCS versions of F-86F and Mig-15bis? Both versions in the Korean conflict?

“Tell them I’m coming and I’m bringing hell with me!”


I’d also add Iran, Turkey, Norway, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and the RoKAF, all participants in theaters I’d like to visit some day.

I get F4, followed by F-5, F-35, and F-16 in that order. If you add the qualification Bis it resolves to the F-16, followed by the F-4.

This -15Bis entered service in 1950, was exported to the PRC, and saw service in Korea. Quick searches give me conflicting dates of 1952 and 1953 for introduction of the F-86F. Everyone seems to agree they did fight in Korea. The 86 and the -15Bis fought again in 1958 over the Straights of Taiwan, which saw the first combat use of the AIM-9. The version we’ve got in DCS is the Block-35, and the only significant difference I can find between it and the earlier Fs is the addition of a LABS system for nuclear weapon delivery.

They’ve got Scat XXVII on display at Wright Patt. Upon getting within ten feet of it I spontaneously grew a mustache, started growling like an AIM-9 and chased down an Asian tourist.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is the F-5 is a perfectly fine opponent for the MiG-21 Bis, and I really, really want central Europe circa 1986.