DCS F-5E training missions no voice overs? - now with a mission to try

Ever wondered why there were none? Well, there are but only in German localization :de: :wink:

I thought it was a pity (and shame!) the F-5E training missions were so silent so I decided (just for fun and to learn something new) I’d make my own. It is as simple as:

  • opening the missions in Mission Editor
  • copy the text under triggers tab
  • put it through one of the free text-to-speech tools and get wav or ogg
  • assign it to the text
  • save & fly.

And then I realized that the mission structure contained also DE folder alongside Default folder… and the DE folder contained German voice overs.

Weird, isn’t it? :grinning:


That’s pretty cool!

Did you make the voices male or female? Did you give them an accent?

I am just experimenting and would call it a proof of concept - so no fancy staff.

Matthew voice from here

Oh, they’re only in German? I would never have guessed.

I like the Radio Transmission ME feature/trigger action. You assign a frequency to it so if you are not on the correct frequency… :open_mouth: This is fun with aircraft like the Viggen or MiG-21 where you have a couple of tactical frequencies and then airbase ATC freqs.

I played a bit with the voice “overing” in Audacity and got something like this:

I think that for a free to use text-to-speech generator put through a free audio editing software it is actually not bad :sunglasses:

But then… I am not a native speaker… so…

If you fancy, go ahead and give it a try and leave some feedback. I would appreciate it :+1:

Just keep it a low profile. I have not asked a permission to repackage a F-5E training mission so I do not want to give it much publicity.

Btw. is it possible to mod an existing mission? I suppose not since a mission is basically a zip file and it is not possible to alter files within the zip file…?