DCS F/A-18C (Open Beta) Initial Impressions AAR

Ok I guess this doesn’t say much but… I am too drunk to care right now. Wahahahahahaha

he he

Do we know how large the download will be I am data flow restricted. The minimum system requirements say 60 Gb hard drive space. That seems rather large


I think the 60gb is for the entire DCS installation. hornet most likely is about a 10 to 15gb download.

Single modules are usually just a few 100 MByte. If there’s updates to other stuff, that can go up considerably.

0445 So I got up early to, uh, go to the gym, and I’m getting a JSON error with the updater…

0518 EDIT: False Alarm, back to saying version is up to date…

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Dammit, haven’t played DCS for literally months and now my Harrier pit looks all weird and bugged? Any of you guys getting this as well?



I believe that’s caused by a corruption of your System32 folder. Try deleting that and restarting your computer.


Will do.

I’ll empty out my Recycle Bin as well, as that sometimes helps. Anyone want to store this big file for me while I try to sort this out?

(location edited to Splash One Gaming 's copy as hotlinking to here was starting to happen. Will update to DCS’s product page when the fuller guide happens)

@NineLine I’m not sure about the legitimacy of rehosting that file here. As I’m not sure then I’ll blat it after today, or unless you say it is ok to do.

PS Congrats to all at ED on Hornet Day! Good job and thanks! :heart:


All good hosting it here, but it will probably evolve a lot, so keep in mind it will change going forward.


Glad your back :slight_smile: I thank you for the link too grabbing it before it disappears :worried:

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Just as a note, I think the Quick Start guide has the AoA indicator lights backwards?

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It does. someone’s been talking to Sukhoi again


Indeed. A big day for ED, DCS World, and our community. I expect we’ll see a Hornet infestation on the servers tonight. Sadly, I’m at work at the moment.


Shedding massive crocodile tears :smile:




I believe that is known and reported already, but thanks!


I also noted that during the startup tutorial there is one of the instructor’s lines in Russian audio instead of English. IIRC it is the one telling you to switch the OBOGS on.

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Here you go, a fix - [FIXED]Startup Training, Language Switched - Bugs and Problems - ED Forums


Ah ok, already reported then. Good.
I don’t really mind as I go by the book anyway, I just noticed it.

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I just shot my first couple traps. Awesome :slight_smile:

Some initial impressions about VR. The performance hit with with multiple Hornets nearby is massive. On the carrier launch quick mission I get about 10 fps on the deck. The landing mirror is surprisingly good to see in VR, though of course it is nowhere near sufficient (as expected). I can make out finer details only in the last third of the approach. What is a lot worse though is that the deck markings only become visible as I am about to cross the deck, which makes correct lineup extremely difficult.