DCS F/A-18C (Open Beta) Initial Impressions AAR

Welcome to Hornet-eve! (Also know in some circles as Wags-mas). I think that we can all agree that it has been a long wait for this module and many of us are eagerly anticipating watching the DCS Updater do it’s thing tomorrow. I know I will be leaving cookies and milk on my internet router in joyful anticipation of a good connection, high bandwidth and a fast download.


Since there will be quite a few of us disturbing the hornets nest tomorrow I thought it might be a good idea to attempt to organize our Hornet Initial Impressions, AARs and screenshots into a fresh thread. With that in mind, I am setting this thread up for that purpose. In an effort to provide quick access to content below, I will try to keep this top post up to date with links to the various posts that will come after it. I won’t link everyone’s posts here but if we can put a little effort into posting some impressions, AARs or collections of screenshots, I will try to provide a table-of-contents here.

@fearlessfrog’s AV-8 Cockpit Confusion and link to the DCS F/A-18C Early Access Guide;
@malibu43’s Beautiful shots of the Hornet in game;
@chipwich offers a pair of screenshots;
@near_blind’s early impressions and IFLOLS information;
@Ocelotunit has an issue with cargo planes - personally this is how I feel about refueling :-);
@fearlessfrog adds his M61A1 Vulcan bullet-point impressions and a Youtube link to a former 18C pilot and his impressions;
@Troll has some brief VR impressions;
@Aginor rolls out his initial Hornet crash landing versus crash stats - impressive!
@smokinhole seems to like where this is headed;
@Fridge - yeah, weird to list in the 3rd person - adds a bunch of words and a zwanzig of screenshots;


The first 2/3s of tomorrow are going to be sheer torture :expressionless: gl;hf everybody!

Um i need early tuition thanks @near_blind, i am on days off

on your right hand side, next to your leg, there’s a bright yellow paddle thingy. Make sure that’s flush with the panel, and then pull the striped yellow/black lanyards between your legs.

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I’m just saying if you could email my Project Manager and tell her that I can’t come to work tomorrow because people “need” help with the Hornet, I’d be right there. As it is…


In celebration of this DCS launch event (that we’ve been looking forward to for many years) you now get to ‘like’ a post using a wee fighter jet. If you squint really hard it sort of looks like a hornet. I know it’s a bit early, but this saves me getting up early tomorrow.

image image image

Happy Hornet Day everyone! :cake:




You better fence out,
You better not flare…


Who’s the best frog in the world?
Don’t be shy! :slight_smile:


Saw that switch a couple of minutes ago and love it! Glad to see you Frog!

I think reality is actively taunting me. Come in this morning, make some real progress. Find out in my daily tag up they need these two tasks done this week, not next week. Then my VDI rolls over and dies so I can’t even work on it.

Why couldn’t it have died tomorrow :cry:

Apologies for absence. Crushed by work currently.


Not long though and I’ll be able to at least load up the new DCS map etc and take a look. Enjoy the 'bug on my behalf tomorrow!


That’s one way to go :slight_smile:

For anyone wondering: link

He wasn’t so much flattened bu the stone (in the way that the picture suggests but that rock to the left took his head off and crushed him.

woohoo! look what just arrived today. Just in time for the Hornet release tomorrow. Hobby Master VFA-94 F/A-18C from Operation Enduring Freedom. Great… I think I just found something else spend money on. I can see this collection growing :open_mouth:


Ok I guess this doesn’t say much but… I am too drunk to care right now. Wahahahahahaha

he he

Do we know how large the download will be I am data flow restricted. The minimum system requirements say 60 Gb hard drive space. That seems rather large


I think the 60gb is for the entire DCS installation. hornet most likely is about a 10 to 15gb download.

Single modules are usually just a few 100 MByte. If there’s updates to other stuff, that can go up considerably.

0445 So I got up early to, uh, go to the gym, and I’m getting a JSON error with the updater…

0518 EDIT: False Alarm, back to saying version is up to date…

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