I guess I’ve never seen it as a map that would get much use, but I’m probably just being too nearsighted.



It’s a real nice map to fly over in a chopper and cool to see the alien spaceship in the hanger at area 51 :woman_zombie:



I definitely don’t qualify. I tried that on a flight from England across the Channel and could practically count the frames. It certainly did look good though.



So, increasing these actually increases performance…?



LOL…yes but as far as realism goes they missed the mark there…the DCS alien space ship looks nothing like the real alien spaceship in Area 51…just say’n. :astonished:



Well if they looked like the real ones, the Men in Black would show up at the ED offices. :slight_smile:



Nevada MiG 15 instant action is my go - to flight when i have about ten minutes to kill.

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It just seemed smoother, and no more trees magically morphing into existence. Maybe it was just my perception rather than anything quantifiable.

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Bruh, not cool. Don’t spill that stuff out on an unsecure network.



My Bad. :anguished:

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A new datalink / SA page element was added today to support for SAM threat zones. These are determined before hand and are static indications based on Mission Editor settings. If the unit is hidden it will not appear on the SA display, if it is not hidden, it will display. Just like the real system, this is NOT a dynamic indication based on RWR or any sensors. It simply alerts the pilot of a reported SAM threat that was entered in the mission file before they even took off.

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Is the SAM circle to the left indicating an SA-11 site/range then?



First thought that came in my mind after reading: what happen if a SAM unit is “late activated” in Mission Editor?



I guess it will show on the rwr and not the SA page



In the real thing what appers on SA page is due to intelligence data…my guess is that mission builders will be able to decide what can/cannot/must be imported into the dtc, but that with combatflite we will be able to map the threats and insert into the dtc similarly to what happens in bms both using in game planner or weapons delivery planner



I wouldn’t think that would effect it showing up in the SA. Hidden vs not Hidden is the key. So basically this simulates the intel folks in CVIC plot where they know SAMs to be - not Hidden in the ME. Late activate just should mean the known SAM hasn’t lit off its radar. A SAM site hidden in the ME is one that CVIC missed–perish the thought. So not on the SA. Surprise!



Hey everyone,

As mentioned in earlier posts, we are at work on a detailed Aircraft Settings capability through the Options, F/A-18C, Special Tab. This consists of two primary elements: Aircraft Systems and Mission Card. Both will allow you to pre-configure the Hornet before flight in both single and multiplayer. As such, you would be able to setup your own aircraft defaults.

Aircraft Systems include all functions that are NOT specific to mission (.miz) file or Mission Computer settings. This includes such items as lights, bingo fuel, various cockpit switches, altimeter, etc. In this way, you can have your aircraft setup just that way YOU want it.

The Mission Card allows you to set up software options for all missions that includes such items as radar settings, countermeasures, AG weapon programs, and navigation settings.

The third element of mission configuration MUST apply directly to the specific mission file or there will conflict between Aircraft Settings and the mission file… these are the waypoint settings. As always, a mission is created with a set of waypoints and properties when the mission is created by the mission designer. For the Hornet though, we are greatly adapting this to account for a much more realistic Hornet waypoint system that accounts for up to 60 waypoints in the database, of which waypoints can be assigned properties of sequence 1, sequence 2, sequence 3, initial point, A/A waypoint, Pre-Planned (PP), or Pre-Briefed (PB). In the Mission Planner, the player would be able to then adjust these if desired on a per-mission basis. We are also looking to making the Mission Planner available in multiplayer.

This will also include a new waypoint user interface that we’ll share a bit later once it is more solid.

This is all deep in development and very much subject to change. We have no release time frame in mind yet… it will be released to an Open Beta once we feel it’s ready.



That all sounds great to me!

Is there a specific place I should make a feature request/suggestion about VR implementation?



Wouldn’t Bingo fuel be specific to a mission? Tankers available, divert field(s) available or not (blue water ops), etc.

Perhaps it wouldn’t change much day-to-day during the same line period but I think it might change more often than some other settings shown.