DCS Freeware Carrier

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I need your help guys. I have been trying to get the VNAO T-45 to catch a wire and it just won’t. I drag the hook across the wires, nothing. I have come to the conclusion that the default DCS carrier is not compatible with this jet.

My questions are:

  1. Is my guess correct?
  2. If not, what am I doing wrong
  3. If so, what recommendations do you have?
  4. How do I start on the carrier deck?

Since I own Supercarrier, I’m having real problems working out how to add the free carrier to the mission editor. Does anyone know how to do this?

In answer to your last question, you place the aircraft close to the carrier, then change the “type” of the first waypoint to “Takeoff from Ramp” or “Takeoff from Parking Hot” as desired.

It’s been a while that I added the free carrier to a mission but aren’t there two versions of the CVN-68 USS Nimitz to choose from? One supercarrier, the other the free carrier?

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I must be missing something, I’ve got CVN-71 through 75, CV-59 and the various Russian, UK and Argentinian carriers. I can’t see Nimitz in the list at all, at least in USA or Combine Joint Task Forces Blue (which includes all the default Blue countries … and I can see the Russian and Argentinian carriers in that list so I’m not convinced that is the problem)?

Edit: and I have only the one entry for the John C. Stennis - I checked all the way through the list for another …

Oh, was the Stennis the free one? I might have confused it. Maybe there’s something in the editor, like tick box when you select the Stennis, to choose?

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Yes, I think Stennis (CVN-74) is the free one


It’s working for me on the Stennis:

Also confirmed from the Module readme

• CARRIER OPS! The T-45 was built to train the next generation of fighter pilots to achieve one of the hardest feats in all of aviation: landing on an aircraft carrier. The VNAO T-45C is capable of landing and launching from the “DCS Supercarrier” as well as the base CVN-74 Stennis.

Lincoln is working as well:


@Stormy801 if you don’t own the Supercarrier, you will not be able to interact with its wires and catapults.

I did the same as you did a while back when trialling the F-14 in multiplayer.


That must be the issue, because I intentionally flew a 1 wire and it didn’t grab any of them. I checked my track, I was hitting 2 and 3 wires and it wasn’t grabbing. I’ll check the ED store.

No not that ED, I’m talking about Eagle Dynamics. smdh :smile:

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Hi miRage, how did you add the Stennis to a mission? Whenever I add it to a mission in the mission editor, it shows up with deck crew and machinery (the Supercarrier version, not the free version).

Is used Bankler’s Case 1 Recovery Trainer Mission (the version with the Legacy Carrier).

Seems to be the ordinary CVN-74

Tbh I didn’t pay attention whether there is a deck crew.

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