DCS Fw-190A8

Hi folks,
Last week I said I would not buy the 190A. I have x4 190s in GB BoS and I dont need this module… I caved in pretty quickly and I’m here to say I’m glad I did.
The module is beautiful. It needs a bit of polish and there are a few bugs. Make sure you program a safety release for the cannons or else.
The included B-17 intercept mission made it all worth the wait. My first few attempts were like bad comedy at my expense. I was killed in soo many ways. I then remembered how I did this in the original IL2. My last mission netted 5 B-17 kills and although I looked like Swiss Cheese, i managed to bring her down in one piece. There, I explored the easy ground handling of this sweet bird. Remember to pull the stick back on the ground to lock the tail wheel. Just use brakes to turn.
To be honest, this is the kind of mission the A8 was created for. With lethal firepower and excellent performance you can kill bombers. The trick is to fly into the bombers fast from oblique angles. Never straight and level NEVER from behind. I overtake the combat box from above off to one side. Then pick a bomber and dive on him so you are ready to squeeze the trigger at a very high angle. Follow through on your attack. Look back Later. The cannon battery does the rest for you. Another approach is from directly above and slightly behind. At 60 to 80 degrees make your shot and follow through. Use the excess speed to climb back up. Rinse and repeat but look out for the escort. Picking tail end Charlie’s and stragglers is smart and exposed you to less return fire.
In the end, it was a worthwhile and very fun module


I always was a fan of Egon Mayer’s (an ace with 102 kills, of which 25 were heavy bombers IIRC) tactic:
Attack head on, guns blazing. Always a thrilling ride!

I’ve been flying the same mission in the Anton, but was having difficulty with the Mustang escorts rather than the bomber attacks. I found that the only way not to get fatally bounced by the escorts was to drag them low. Then once dealt with, climb back to the bombers. How did you deal with the escorts? I would start a head on attack through the bomber formation, as I have read so many times was the preferred method. But after my initial attack, have been jumped on by the Mustangs before our K4 escorts could engage them.

Maybe we should delay the attack and stay out ahead of the bomber group waiting for the 109s to engage.

I go left to stay w the bombers then attack. But the escort got me a few times.

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I remove them from the mission before I fly it! :rofl:



That’s what I call “De-Kobayashi Maruing” the mission.


OMG!!! Tried this mission over and over tonight. Super pissed off. Between my ai saying “BANDITS 1O’CLOCK!!!” and the Ai Mustangs I was irritated as dog poo. My girl got home and asked what was wrong w me


Yes, this needs to be fixed in these larger scenarios. Same with them calling out ground targets. A single call per flight would be sufficient so that you kept SA without the coms being spammed to death.

The first flight trough the b17 formation in VR was breathtaking!

We edited the mission and flew it online with real teammates and human enemies!
Was so much fun!
If you want to try it let me know!
We usually fly monday and Thursday 9pm CEST

Ps the b17 formation is great in the beginning but later on needs some tweaking with planes flying everywhere with excessive speed and strange aoa…


Been thinking about this a little more. I suppose in the chaos of air combat there could be a lot of excited calls over the radio. But let’s make them more realistic by having a variety, not the same repeated phrase 23 times. BoX/GB does a pretty good job with this. I will say that the German accented English is an improvement, and if not realistic, at least is better than hearing someone from Alabama yelling about bandits. Talk about an immersion killer :smile:


ROFLMAO :sweat_smile:
I would absolutely love to fly online. What do you use for comms?

My second time living through it just happened today. I ran the mission 3 times before I lived all the way through. A couple of days ago I ran the mission at least 15 times and lived only ONCE!!! Nobody said B-17s were easy prey. Just ask Adolf Galland.
I dumbed down the Mustangs a bit No1 Good, No2 Average and so on. Then I did my intercept sort of towards the front of the formation. I went through the formation then cut back and made another pass. I continued to weave from one side to the other making passes. I was lucky. When I ran out of 20mm, I cruised home. I landed in tatters and my right gear either never came out or collapsed. Then DCS crashed on me and denied me my score.:roll_eyes: I think I got 4 or 5. It was a great mission. :grin:


+1 here!

Had the very same tought!

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Y’all needed the trauma of a bombing mission in CFS3! Each wingman would call out each bomb they released!

“Bombs Away!” (1, wep1)
“Bombs Away!” (2, wep1)
“My bombs are on their way.” (3,wep1)
< repeat for each weapon >

And if you hit something:
“Good shooting!”
“Good kill!”
“Good kill!”
< from each wingman for each thing killed >


Is it just me or is the command text broken in the 190A? I open the commands and I cant give the order to attack to my squad. They just tag along… ED, this is really needed.

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Yeah, I was having the same issue, but thought that I wasn’t using the radio correctly.