DCS: Garmin GNS 430

First few images popping up on the DCS website, presumably goes on sale today. So far, it’s only spotted on the Mi-8.



here she is! $14.99, and only for the Hip indeed, for now


Uh Oh.
I for one appreciate the effort, but I can only imagine the forums… :pensive:


This is kinda cool, I might even pick it up if it comes out for the UH-1. I honestly thought this was a joke when I first saw it.

Neat! I really enjoy these kind of addons! I do hope for that price that it’s a one-off buy for any aircraft they decide to implement it. Otherwise it’s a bit steep.

And for me, it will never replace the doppler :heart:

EDIT: I can’t find any official announcements about this module on either the forum or ED website? What’s the deal with that?

Agreed. I hope they put it on one of the trainers as well, so you can practice some IFR flying.

What’s wrong?

@SiThSpAwN @SkateZilla @bignewy since the product so clearly states “for Mi-8MTV2”, do you guys know if when you buy this, it’s only for the Hip, or will this come to other aircraft as well? And if so, sold seperatly?


I know it was announced quite a long time ago. I guess we’ll get a newsletter or something about it later.

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Remember the paid texture DLC discussion a year and a half ago or so? Although this is a bit more tangible with less competition with a mod scene, I still have my doubts it will be received particularly well by a certain group.

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Neat! If that’s true then this line is rather important:

“the option to add a Garmin GNS 430 navigation device that can be installed on various aircraft”

I still would like to know what aircraft are currently in the pipeline or in ED’s production cycle to have the GNS430 added before I buy it though.

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Exactly this; and I repeat, for me it’s all good and actually a smart add-on!

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Starting with the Mi-8 other modules will use it in the future. Best to wait for ED to give more info :slight_smile:


It wouldn’t seem to prevent people from joining missions, so I don’t particularly mind. That said I’ll be waiting to see what aircraft they integrate it with before pulling the trigger.

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Neat. A bit squinty in VR I imagine but zoomable (Cause of crash: Garmin fixation). I’ll wait for the Huey I think, plus sort of got used to NTTR nowawdays.

One thing is that for things like the Hip, the real charm was the doppler and not knowing where I was, but I can see the utility plus smart of ED to reuse what they probably had to do for a Mi-8 customer anyway.

PS I wonder if we should remove all the Garmin ‘G’ references?

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I am not quite following you? Where do you want to remove them exactly?

Topic title is ‘DCS: Garmin GNS 430’ while the product is revealed to be called ‘DCS: NS 430’. It kind of looked a deliberate attempt to drop the G (yo!) and mention of Garmin branding. It’s not really important for here, and more for ED to worry about in terms of licencing etc.


Ah I see. Well that makes sense!

Would be nice if this 430 is a bit more indepth compared to all that I have for X-plane. Would be fun to play with!

Might be a cool home cockpit addon if the display can be exported. Hey @Troll? :slight_smile:


Up to you, mr Frog! But I guess we should also drop all Mirage references on the site as well then :wink: Otherwise we might end up getting in trouble with both Garmin and Dassault.

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Ah, yep, good point. It’s all good. :slight_smile:

This is fantastic! I’ve been waiting for something like this a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy using the old radio navigation systems with those aircraft but have always wanted the option to have an updated GPS system to put in the aircraft for when I make missions with more modern time-frames. Helps locating those special forces troops all that much easier at night. :slight_smile: