DCS Gazelle Fenestron Stall?

Hi rotor heads, Well I was flying mission 1 of the Gazelle Campaign on max hard settings with the HTC Vive and just as I was approaching the rise into Kigali town I executed a torque turn and, in so doing, stalled my tail fenestron fan rotor and lost control of the aircraft. The aircraft was violently spinning round to the left and no amount of right pedal would let me recover. I continued cork screwing. When I researched this there was such a condition and I remember during my military days of instances where this occurred.

Really interesting reading, are there any other pilots who have experienced this? In the end I recovered by raising the collective, gained some height, dumped the engine, dropped the collective then jumped on the right pedal as I powered back up the throttle. However, I noticed during recovery the right pedal was causing the aircraft to roll! Quite a scary experience when you are flying VR!


I don’t know much about the Gazelle, or the underlying flight model, but that sounds terrifying…! (I mean, helos that are working perfectly normal are terrifying enough…out of control though? :skull_crossbones:)

Nice find on the accident report…!

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I guess the Dev folks at Polychop have really modelled this aircraft well, the right pedal applied at takeoff, the sound, the way the instruments respond. It is a real work of art!as an ex Avionics Tech in the REME supporting the Army Air Corps, I’ve spent a lot of time in these cabs, I just wish someone would build a Lynx model because although now retired, that aircraft is amazing.



Didn’t the Lynx set a helicopter flat out speed record? Or at least at one time I think it was…

Well, so sayeth Wiki…

“On 11 August 1986 the helicopter was piloted by Trevor Egginton when it set an absolute speed record for helicopters over a 15 and 25 km course by reaching 400.87 kilometres per hour (216.45 kn; 249.09 mph); an official record with the FAI it currently holds. At this speed, it had a lift-to-drag ratio of 2, and its BERP blade tips had a speed of Mach 0.97.”

Which basically means, it would get me to the DCS World battlefield faster, so the enemy wouldn’t have to wait as long before shooting me down. :thinking: I’m a considerate adversary…

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