DCS Harrier or Hornet

I’m looking to get the Harrier or the Hornet. I’m leaning towards the harrier because it’s a little cheaper and it’s different. However is it worth it? Also I’m assuming the hornet will have a sale before the harrier.

I am preording the f-14 so that’s why I’m leaning towards the Harrier.


Thanks guys and gals

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The Harrier is buckets of fun, but there are still some minor bugs with it. However, flying the Harrier is an experience that is really unique in DCS as there are no other V/STOL aircraft. Landing on the Tarawa in pitch dark is really scary since the slightest mistake in throttle input can create a catastrophic engine failure. You will have to respect your engine limits at all times… the damage model is quite extensive for this fragile Pegasus engine. If you’re in a vertical flight, an engine performance degradation is pretty much a death sentence. If you want to see what the Harrier has to offer, feel free to consult my guide on the Mudspike website to see how deep you can go.

The Hornet, on the other hand, is more polished but (IMHO) a slightly less interesting product if you’re already buying the Tomcat. The sheer variety of weapons and missions makes it totally worth the additional 10 bucks IMHO.

In other words, I think you’re in for a treat either way. My personal preference is the Harrier (even if it is less capable), but the Hornet in itself is a solid choice too.


I used to think that the Harrier is more challenging to fly, but if I practiced recoveries in it as much as I have in the bug, I’d probably not think too much about it. The main difference IMHO is the mission scope. The Harrier is mostly focused at A2G while the Hornet has that plus A2A chops too. They are both fun and challenging to master, so you won’t go wrong with either. But if you want to fly CAP missions, you’ll need the bug.

You really can’t go wrong with either of them. Razbam still has some work to do on the Harrier, but it is a blast to fly. It is a simpler aircraft overall, so the learning curve when it comes to systems isn’t as high (although there is still plenty to chew on)…

At the end of the day, it comes down to which one suites your mission the best. Or do what I did and buy them both. :crazy_face:


well he is going to be flying CAP in the F-14 already :slight_smile:

I also really liked the Harrier. I find it especially fun to fly it at night with the NAVFLIR image on the HUD and all. The HOTAS setup is great for providing CAS and flying at night with functions like NAVFLIR, EHSD (digital moving map HSI) and LSS (Laser Search) right on the stick. I do kind of miss the A-10/F-16 HOTAS setup, but that is no different in the bug.

The only real mission you’ll be missing out on in the harrier compared to the bug is the SEAD/DEAD mission. The harrier has short-ranged self defence AGM-122’s to engage enemy radars. Although a fun weapon to use, it does not compare to the AGM-88C by a long shot.

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The Harrier is loads more pleasant to fly IMO. It’s lighter and more “A-4 like”. Parking it like a boss by hovering backwards into a spot is an added benefit. The hornet on the other hand is DCS’ signature machine (or soon will be). No other module will get quite as much TLC from ED over the next couple of years. So it’s a tossup. For me, the Harrier still gets the nod.


In the end both but harrier first.


The Harrier was on sale a couple weeks ago for $35, I’d wait for a sale. If I could have only one, it would be the hornet. You can do a lot more with it. The Harrier is more fun to just fly though because of the vstol aspect.


I would say get the f-111, it’ll be worth the wait


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On a serious note: A2G mainly, Harrier all the way.
Fancy some A2A, then the Bug. Having the Tomcat on roster, I’d lean to the Harrier unless you have the A-10C. Then it’s back to a tossup, which I’d still give to the Harrier because VTOL is a nice way to mix things up!


Plus, the Harrier is relatively slow, but not A10 slow… even in the Hover. :wink:


Xaxaxa this thread makes me want to get my harrier on! In most respects its like a nippy, zippy little hog, with the added bonus of doing some cool pilot stuff at the end of the ride.


Get the Harrier. The Tomcat can scratch the carrier itch for a long time, and the Harrier is just so weird and fun.


Buy the harrier and fc3…

Cheaper than the bug. All the fun of the harrier with the shear might of the Su33

Boom. Problem solved…

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It only shears when you pull too hard. :wink:

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Ta-ta canards! :rofl::rofl:

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Yeah, those canards never paid off. They are gone on the modern Flankers. Just something else to break and extra weight and in the end changes to the FCS accomplished the same thing.

I have put more time into the Hornet than the Harrier largely because of its flexibility, so I personally would pick it over the Harrier. However, I bought the Harrier quite awhile before the Hornet so I’ve got time in both.

Between the novelty of a USN carrier bird and waiting for the Harrier to be finished, I’ve prioritized learning what the Hornet can (currently) do.

The Harrier is more about flying, the Hornet is more about learning how to fight, if that distinction makes sense.


Very eloquently put. I enjoy them both, but I enjoy flying the Harrier more. I think it is pretty obvious which is the most capable combat aircraft though.

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