DCS: Heatblur F-14B Tomcat Preview


It’s to prevent blowing tires on traps.

Taxi speeds on the boat aren’t fast enough for the anti-skid system to be active even with the switch on. For the Hornet, anyway, but I’d wager it’s something similar for the Tomcat.



Thanks @Chuck_Owl - that was a great read. Your preview really gives a superb sense of both the complexity of the aircraft as well as the sheer level of personality that Heatblur have managed to imbue into it.



Interesting. I would naturally place that as part of the landing checklist then, instead of preflight, but perhaps that’s more of a “so you don’t have to worry about it later” thing?

Unless there’s a chance of activation on the cat stroke, I guess.



It’s in case you come to the boat from a land airfield. As I understand it, Anti-Skid is flipped on at land based fields but off for the carrier. So the checklist is taking into account you forgetting where you can from.

EDIT: Sorry. I misread. I thought it was part of the landing checklist.

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It’s something to consider whenever I get a copy.



Then you’ll get to see how FUN writing reviews is.




So it is part of the pre-flight checks - it’s one of the first things I check as soon as I plop down in the seat - but it’s also in the landing checks (again, Hornet/Rhino specific). Where it screws guys is when they go from the boat to shore - or vice versa - especially when it’s unplanned, IE a divert.

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I’m quite surprised you haven’t been offered a copy yet. Your excellent posts and incredible knowledge of the aircraft in the other thread cannot have gone unnoticed. Maybe they don’t want you to tear it apart before release…
It’s a shame I’m nearly as excited for you to get it as I am to crash it myself.



We’re working on it.



Tell heatblur I’ll break my self imposed embargo on pre orders if they give @near_blind access

Cos that will obviously swing it :joy:



I’m curious how well Jester can handle a chaotic environment like what we’d see online. Seems that if you had several threats from multiple directions, when you tell Jester to lock a target, is there any way to know which and if it’s really the best choice ? Is there a TWS lock option?

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Without giving a super wall of text answer, checkout the right, specifically the option at Seven O’Clock. The F-14 has two TWS modes, AUTO and MAN, the former will automatically prioritize contacts based off their range, aspect and closure. It looks like you can tell Jester to select either the first or a specific contact from the TWS list.



Excellent - thanks for the response!

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I would really like Jester for wingmen!

The number of times I have been in dogfights in a sim where my wingmen ignore the guy shooting up my 6 but gleefully sail in and attack the guy I’m about to take out at my 12…

I’d like to be able to tell them more than a useless “cover me” and actually say “attack the guy attacking me RIGHT NOW.”

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Remember the old lucasarts space shooter games, like tie fighter. They had keyboard shortcuts for attack my target, attack my attacker and even attack my targets attacker.



That funny I was playing x wing vs tie fighter last week for a bit and was thinking how useful those shortcuts were compared to dcs lol

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I loved those games. Got them all in a bundle on GOG a couple of years back, but haven’t had the time to try any of them. :frowning:



They work beautifully with VoiceAttack for the wingman commands, and I’ve got them up with my Warthog. It’s a very fun trip down memory lane.



They are fantastic but I really struggled with the rolling/turning no rudder for a bit. But I soon got back in the groove. God I spent a lot of time on that and balance of power trying to kill the SSD on my own lol



I recently picked up the F14 and am just getting into it so Chuck’s preview article above was a great help.

Now, I know Chuck’s not doing the whole F14 guide thing for security reasons, but I was thinking to myself it’s a real shame Chuck hasn’t done a 1-pager preferred HOTAS setup…

So what d’ya say Chuck?

(Or has anyone else got a good HOTAS mapping for starters?)