DCS: Heatblur F-14B Tomcat Preview


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Guest writer “Chuck Owl” takes a look at the Heatblur F-14B Tomcat as it nears a wider Early Access release… PART 1 Introduction Unless you’ve been living under a rock in the last four years, you most certainly have heard that a simulation of the F-14A/B Tomcat is being brought to DCS by Heatblur Simulations.…


Many thanks to @Chuck_Owl for the great impressions article on the Heatblur F-14. I’ll mirror all of his comments - the technology and care that has gone into this module (so far) is pretty astounding. The Heatblur team are top-notch professionals and they really know what they are doing. There couldn’t be a better team of enthusiasts working on this highly anticipated module…


@Chuck_Owl Good stuff! What’s your take on the other previews, where we have one saying it’s going to be difficult, and one saying it’s easy? Do you think everyone will be off playing Turkey driver and leave everything else behind, or do you think the idiosyncrasies of the aircraft will keep it toward dedicated crews?

Also, will @near_blind be doing the review when it’s finally released? :blush:


I’d love for @near_blind to do a review for the site. Just to be clear, I didn’t get Chuck his copy of the F-14, he had access before I did.


Excellent review @Chuck_Owl! It has your touch.


Yes. This.


I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m not envious. :rage:


so… tomcat guide available @ EA ?? :sunglasses:


Nope - (so @Chuck_Owl doesn’t have to keep answering these) - there are some security concerns and it’s always better to err on the side of caution when your career is involved.


?? — its a flight simulator!


Yeah, unfortunately the US State Department, DOD, et al have a different interpretation of what ITAR means.




It sounds like a little thing…but if the State Department gets some report that Iranians are using a Chuck Guide to familiarize their students with the F-14 or something, well, I wouldn’t want to risk my career either. It isn’t worth it.


Thanks for the pre-view… looking forward for the Guide :wink:


Well I will have to read this later. So glad you got a copy Chuck :smiley:
Off to decorate a friends kitchen with the knowledge I have something good to read when I finish :vulcan_salute:


I’ve noticed this in both the Hornet and Tomcat–the anti-skid settings being different whether on a carrier or airfield.

So…why? Why is changing the behavior between the two locations desirable?


I would assume (and I don’t know this is true) that like most anti-skid units, the device activates when it senses a delta between the left and right wheels. Since the carrier launch is so violent, and the acceleration so swift (as well as the deceleration on landing), they don’t want any false readings on the wheels that would engage it maybe. You probably don’t want a blown tire on a blue-water carrier launch since the resulting trap would probably foul the deck for a bit. Just a theory anyway. On a land base, there probably isn’t as much worry about unequal wheel spin up perhaps.

Of course, it should only engage with a brake application anyway…so with it off, and you did that…well, you’re gonna blow a tire, so maybe it would be better to have that protection? I dunno…I confused myself…


Might there be a difference in anti-skid braking action between rolling and standstill (as in anti-skid off is more rigid when standing)? I imagine that anti-skid off must have some advantage with airplanes not falling over the edges of the flight deck…


I think you nailed it actually. If the system is anything like the one in our Citation, we can sometimes get a malfunction when the wheel transducer fails. So it sees that as a skid on that side, and releases the brakes totally (they go hard). Which means you have no brakes (this has happened to me twice). If you don’t quickly hit the anti-skid switch off, you cannot stop (always fun on a crowded ramp). So you are right, it is probably to prevent the anti-skid from getting rid of all braking on the deck…a very, very bad place not to have brakes.


Very enjoyable read and watch Thanks @Chuck_Owl you really get a sense of the weight of the Tomcat when you see how far those struts extend in your carrier take off video :smiley: