DCS Helicopter Question(s)

So after trying 1.5 again I just cant get it to work comfortably on my current system. Could be my GTX 570 or my Core 2 Duo Q9650 being a bit out dated. (plans for a new build are in the works, will at least get a new graphics card, 970, this august)

I decided that i would revert back to 1.2. I feel the only thing I lose is the M2000 but like I said its only a little bit.

Having reverted back to 1.2 I will focus my time on modules I really never focused on before, In this case Helos.

So for all you helo guys. best way to set up my HOTAS axis? I have a CH pro throttle and a CH fighterstick.

I would skip 900 nvidia line as they are crap at DirectX 12. If you don’t have the cash for a GTX 1070, I’d at least wait on the GTX 1060. Either way, your in for an upgrade :smiley:


Thanks for the tip! I will definitely go the 1070 route. I was hoping to build a CPU for around $1500 this puts me around $1600 but I can drop from an I7 to an I5 and get back down to $1500.

I would setup the pro throttle as collective and the small throttle lever on your fighterstick as fuel lever since you will only move it during startup and shutdown.

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I use CH products as well @weaponz248. Set your ProThrottle for collective as Chipwich mentioned, and set it as a slider since the axis isn’t “split” in two halves. No need for a curve, since it is slider, 1 to 1 will be fine. Also be sure that you will be PUSHING it forward to rise, and PULLING it back to descend. The other way leads to madness.

For the Fighterstick I like to set a curve of 10 for the pitch and roll axis. If I feel that I am getting a bit of bobbing of the nose I will add a few points of curve to pitch to smooth out those inputs. Curves are done “to taste” and different for every pilot and set up. But I recommend you set them to different values and fly, fly, fly till you get it dialed in.

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