DCS Hornet: 8 JDAM/JSOW (TOO) TGP in 1 pass Tutorial

Current procedure as of

*This procedure is valid in Open Beta… Be advised the HUD and FLIR have received some upgrades so things will look slightly different, but TOO coordinates management remain unchanged. The good news is the TGP does not stow itself after pressing undesignate- it stays on the last target.


Excellent Tutorial Thanks!!


Good stuff.

I can imagine how basic it is nowadays. Do modern MFDs use touch screens?

Yes. The F-35 does, atleast. I believe the very latest super hornet modification does as well.

Supers have a touchscreen UFCD that can be used as an additional DDI (kinda), block 3 jets are supposed to get the new display.


Tested this procedure in the latest Open Beta hotfix. (and the 2 previous versions .49718 and 49314) … Still works. And even better, the TGP does not stow itself after pressing undesignate. It will stay on the last target which makes it easier to readjust the camera to watch bomb impact.

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