DCS Hornet Audio Overhaul V4 by Echo 19

Easy to install/delete-
Drop the “ECHO19_FA18” folder in your /SavedGames/DCS/Mods/Tech folder. Fire up DCS. In the Module Manager, under Installed, scroll down a bit until you see F/A-18C Hornet Audio Overhaul. You may need to activate it which requires a reboot of DCS.

If you don’t like it, just delete the ECHO19_FA18 folder


Very cool! My criteria for realistic engine noise is whether it sets off my tinnitus. This is going to have me ringing the rest of the night! Will have to download and try it after go-home day, in T-24 hours.

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Gave this a whirl… The afterburner sound (external) is :open_mouth: I recommend listening with your headphones to pick up those fine details. :boom:

Perhaps ED will someday incorporate these sounds like they did with the Harrier sound mod.

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I was looking at this earlier tonight. How’s the sounds in-cockpit?

These are just external sound enhancements. Internal is still ED Hornet.