Hound ELINT is a scripted system for DCS. it approximates location of activly transmitting enemy radars by triangulating the radar using one or more assigned assets. Assets can be Airborn, ground units or stationary objects each has it’s pros and cons.

For visual learners, with some soft pop music:

A sort of text to speech ELINT then. Maybe a bit like the Overlord bot? (Hmm, we have no topic for that bot…)

I enjoyed our previous Viggen stuff we did, RE:


That would be pretty cool in Liberation. :slight_smile:

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This looks great
Seems like a nice addition to SEAD missions
I took the demo mission they had provided and had a look, here is a simpler version if anyone wants a look. Its on Syria and only contains search radars so you can fly around without fear and add whatever units you want to go up against
Elint Syria.miz (94.6 KB)


It would be good in liberation, although we’d have to turn off that F10 map - no peeking! :slight_smile:

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