DCS In flight Refueling Tutorials

Having played DCS since LOMAC, I have yet to refuel in flight. This weekend I plan to start practicing. ANybody have an good videos or documentation or tips to pull of a refuel in flight? My main focus is going to be on the 10c and 15c. The russian birds look easier to refuel.

Teach yourself DCS has a good video on how to refuel the 10C including how to locate the thing with real comms. It’s got written instructions in the vid, something I personally prefer over trying to follow some guy talking


The A-10C and F-15C are both boom fed from the KC-135 which is definitely a different experience than swallowing the drogue on a Su-33.

I haven’t refueled in the Eagle for a while, but I recall being almost disappointed with how easy it was. Fueling in the Hawg is fun, though.

I’ve got an MP A-10C refueling “training” mission, if you want to meet up. I can give you my pointers, at least. Otherwise, there are a ton of refueling vids on YouTube, threads on forums.eagle.ru.

My first pointer is that you really should have the NWS pinky switch mapped to your HOTAS, or at least quickly accessible - you will use this to recycle your aerial refueling system after disconnects and looking down to find the key on the keyboard while you’re in close formation with 200,000 lbs of fuel is not one of the best ideas!

My second pointer is to consider adding curvature to your pitch and roll axes - I use 20 myself - which will help with maintaining station.

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Can you fly in close formation?

Some general advise:
You need to adjust your throttles all the time. If you have a HOTAS with two throttles (like the WH) split them and do the constant adjustments one throttle at a time.
Don’t chase the boom, concentrate on the tanker. After all you are flying formation with the tanker, not the boom.
Trim your aircraft before contact I prefer to trim a tiny bit nose heavy.

This is a video I did a while ago:

Edit: I’m hosting a server with a tanker right now. IP per PM or on TS if you’re interested
TS: PW: ugly
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Thanks guys! I have been watching videos all day on refueling. The F-15C looks fairly easy since the boom is off to the side so you dont really see it which means you dont have a tendency to chase the boom. The A-10 on the other hand…

Honestly you should just get into the cockpit and try it. Reading guides and watching youtube videos is all nice and dandy and of course it can help avoid some common mistakes but at the end of the day you will need to practice it. A lot.

Once you can do it you won’t have to relearn it. It’s like riding a bicycle or ice skating. You might not be as good at it after a while without practice but it will come back quickly.

If anyone wants to fly: Steam Community :: Derbysieger




My biggest pointer - don’t stare at the tip of the boom - your job isn’t to fly to the boom, your job is to hold a set position behind the tanker in a position where the boom can fly to you. So focus on the tanker and the reference points and distances that you know will put you where you need to be. If you focus on the boom…you’ll just end up chasing it around. I’ve also had pretty good success tanking by getting pretty close on the engine settings, then just slightly tweaking one engine instead of both. You would think it would give you some asymmetry…but it really doesn’t seem to do much and can be helpful for fine tuning your position. And of course, relax, wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers (picked up that tip from that F-16 book I think it was…Vipers In the Storm)…



Good suggestion!

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So trying a refuel in the F-15c. Meet up with the tanker at FL250. Got in pre contact position and then tried to get into fueling position. Never did manage to get into fueling position. Flew around in pre contact for about 10 mins. My current problem is once in Pre contact and once I open the fuel door. Its way to twitchy. Couple things may have contributed to that. First FL250 at 270 knts via mission planner might be to slow and second I never ever have used joystick curve. Im thinking bumping the tanker up to 300 knts and putting in a curve of 20 might help.

Id love to jump online and fly but its just not in the cards right now.

yep, bump up the speed to at least 350kn at FL250 for the F-15. Remember that this is total velocity in the game world, not IAS or TAS or GS

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