DCS: Independence Day?

So, watching one of my favorite movies, commemorating our victory over the aliens at the Battle of Area 51, and realized that we’re being perfectly set up by Eagle Dynamics to use the upcoming NTTR map and the F/A-18 to recreate that epic victory.

It was a great documentary for sure. I think people forget how close this tyranny of aliens was. :smile:

We’d need one of the AIM120’s to short out to truly model the President’s flight.

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AIM-120’s that looked suspiciously like Harpoons, I might add…

Did Jaden Smith play himself in this documentary?

NSFW language if you have loudspeakers on though…

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Ricky. There’s always a Ricky.

You guys!!

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Ooh, that actually looks better than the one I was playing with a couple of days ago.

But why not do it over Area 51? Dubai was in the second movie, but only because it got dropped on London.