DCS Ka-50 updates

Some new pics of the updated Hokum popped up on Eagle’s website :slight_smile:



Wowzers! :astonished:

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There appear to be a couple of new things attached to the airframe, such as near the nose, on the tail and on the belly. They remind me of MAWS (such as on the A-10) and DIRCM, can anyone confirm? Also, are those missiles still AT-16s? Would be cool if the Ka-50 had a capability upgrade :slight_smile:

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The Ka-50 update will consist of new functions such as Igla air-to-air missiles and missile warning systems with infrared missile jamming systems in addition to a substantial graphics overhaul. While new cockpit functions will be part of a paid upgrade, the entirely new and improved cockpit and external model will be available for free. In addition to a graphics overall and new features, we will also take this opportunity to clean up any remaining bugs in the Ka-50.

From the weekend news update


Black shark 3.0

They have my money :salute:

I wonder if we’ll be getting hog 2.0 too…

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So there will be two versions of Black Shark I guess. Cool.

I’m actually OK with this. It’s like AH-64A vs AH-64D and they’re not doing small upgrades from the looks of things.


Of course this is awesome news, but it does direct expectations for general development speed. How big is this company? To my knowledge they are working on.

  • MAC - a full game
  • Hornet - Still lots to do
  • Maps - Syria and unannounced WW2
  • New 190
  • Viper
  • Dynamic Campaign
  • New damage model
  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Optimizations - VR etc. Vulkan (might be dead)
  • A-10 cockpit
  • New Black Shark

Those are all pretty heavy hitters, and I’m sure I missed stuff. I certainly don’t expect anything substantial soon. Looks like it’s going to be a slow burn for the next five years, and that’s the expectation I will maintain for myself.

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Yes they have a lot on their plate.

But unsure if a slow burn is apt. The last two years development and additions in game from 3rd parties to me was more paced than the preceeding 5 years.

By no means perfect, but dcs has come on leaps and bounds lately.

Even to think dcs now acknowledges a dynamic campaign where before it was kind of a taboo subject.

It’s not bad going.

Though I would love to see a completed module, with the way dcs is morphing, that may be a while in the future.


I think sometimes too you have to remember different parts of ED’s team probably have vastly different workloads. So maybe revisiting the Ka-50 just moves some less busy employees into something where they can work. I don’t know that this is true, but I’m sure project management is extremely complex and probably a mix of art and science…

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Oh holy ■■■■ that looks gorgeous and Whooooo! IGLA!

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For sure 3rd parties increase the development pool and even things out. ED is the one holding the keys to the kingdom though, and if you look at their output over the past few years, wouldn’t you say slow burn is apt? I mean, yes, they released 2.5 and the Hornet, but how long were those discussed / in development? And are they done?

I don’t have a problem with that at all. Just orienting expectations in my own mind so that when I see such beautiful screenshots as the above, I don’t start getting that gut-shot of anticipation.

Also if the new tech for the ka50 usable on both the mi8 and the mi24 … If so we might see an add on for the old hip


100% ok with charging for a new version of the Ka-50. I won’t buy it, but I’m glad the old one is getting updated visually as well. Wonder if it will be a Blackshark 3 module apart from the 2?



Shiny. How soon until they’re implemented? It’s getting annoying having to guess at which autopilot modes are enabled.


Dang, I wonder how many person hours it took to build that thing. I took a 3DStudio Max class once and it felt like I was in a clay sculpting class. My virtual vase was lumpy. Them’s some pro works.


Two weeks, unfortunately, until @NineLine has more news. You can still judge the autopilot modes, the ones that appear off are actually on and vice versa.

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Dont really have any news on a timeline, it will still be a bit judging at how long the A-10C is taking in texturing, as you can see, there is a lot of detail to get right.


I would put my guessometer at 6 to 8 months… maybe spring. Just my guess.