DCS keystroke binding problem

Hi Guys,
With the AV8B only I have some funny red lines in my controller assignments. They are the default key strokes and when the line is red, it won’t allow me to perform these key strokes. As in picture.

There is a workaround where I can click on default for the key strokes and the key binding box changes from red to blue and I can use it again (same key stroke).

However when I start a new game, it defaults back to red and I can’t use the key strokes. I have trolled through the keybindings and its not doubled up anywhere.

I have also removed my config file. Started dcs and then replaced the config file and the problem still persists.

Any help appreciated.

Lwin U and Lwin Y are “Request AWACS Home Airbase” and “Join up Formation” respectively. Did you ever use any config systems that use programming to assign keys like the HOTAS profiles? That can screw up certain keybinds if its not properly used.

You’re operating via the Saitek profiler?

Does this happen if you don’t have the profiler loaded?

I remember the software for my X55 doing all sorts of stuff with my bindings as its effectively mimicking a couple of keyboards and a mouse.

@TheAlmightySnark As default when installing AV8 the keybindings for “Request AWACS Home Airbase” and sensor select forward were both mapped to LWin+U. I had detected this and changed the keybinding for “Request AWACS Home Airbase” to RWin+U Still same problem.

Join up formation has no key assignment next to it by default. I have tried changing Sensor Select FWD to another key binding and returning “Request AWACS Home Airbase” to default but the problem still persists.

@Toppometer Looked into that one and even closed down the software profiler. Still same problem.

I have run a repair as well and still there. Scratching head on this one, may have to uninstall module and re-install.

There is definitely something funky going on. I still can’t get the NAVFlir to transfer to hud even after ensuring the correct switches are in the right place…

Does anyone know what is meant when the controller lines are painted red like that ? If I know what that means it will help greatly in trouble finding.

Yes, it means there is a double bind going on or an invalid bind. Note that these keys are also bound in the general tab so have a look there.

Once more, are you using some sort of external configuration or have you used that at one point? Kinda important because that code can overwrite your own binds.

@TheAlmightySnark Own config. Can’t detect any double binds going on and just checked with @Maclean, he has the same default double bind but no red lines.

Anyhow, I have unsintalled AV8 and reinstalled and changed Key assignments (careful not to duplicate) and new profile from scratch. Lets see what happens here.

I had this problem and IIRC when I checked the config there where multiple .lua files This is the saved games one. In Config/Input/Aircrafts/Harrier, check the LUA folders that only one exists for your controllers (1 each) I deleted the oldest ones as I had 3 files for each controller IE Joystick Throttle and pedals

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I also seem to remember this problem way back myself. IIRC I also think the solution was to reload the profiles from the controls set-up GUI. So, Bogusheadbox, go into the controls section, find the button where it says “import” or “load” profiles and do so and see if that fixes your issue.