DCS level space ship simulator!

This looks pretty cool…

"Rogue System’s goal is to bring the classic space-combat sims into
the modern era of gaming at an unprecedented level of control.

It blends the capabilities and usability of modern games with the
detail and fidelity of hardcore combat flight-sims. With a simulated
science fiction setting, richly deep spaceship management, and intense
combat, Rogue System satisfies both the casual gamer and the hardcore



I am liking this increasing trend of high(er) fidelity space combat!

Not to sound greedy, but when do I get my capital ships? :older_man:

Thats cool! But ill stick with Elite for now.

I think we may have reached ‘peak space ship sim titles’… :smile:

Not till we get a DCS Level X-wing… then we can relax :smile:

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I don’t understand how smbdy can mention DCS and space combat in the same paragraph. :wink: That aside, looking forward to what they come up with.

Its used as a description of quality and level of fidelity in this case… I don’t want Star Destroyers landing at NTTR :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the guys at ED should be ecstatic that the term “DCS-level” has come to mean “high fidelity”!

And @SiThSpAwN, would you fly cover for my in my Y-Wing?

[edit: sniped by @SiThSpAwN!]

Of course it’s flattering, but it’s also in this case ignorant of ED’s strife for replicating reality. The most these guys can achieve is omit that some things are not technically possible, then make all the rest work according to the laws of physics. They don’t have any performance polars etc. Ah well, syntax nazi strikes again. :smile:

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Here here! I mean…the guys that code for Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball should also be striving for DCS level physics and movement… It’s a badge of honor…


For some reason I imagined the effect on breasts at 9 G’s

Not gonna lie, the first one got us through a deployment… You know, with team building and fostering friendly competition and stuff…

Wasn’t the Tomb Raider series one of the first to pioneer, ahem, accurate physics for their modeling of Lara Croft?

@Navynuke99 - I keep trying to get my wife to dress up as Lara Croft for Halloween. The fact that I tell her we need to practice for Halloween in July makes her question my motives…

Spooky! :smile:

.,well that’s terrifying… Totally undid the memory of an old girlfriend who dressed up as Lara Croft many, many years ago. Thanks for that.

Getting back on topic, I’ve watched that startup video a couple of times now, and while I’m seriously impressed with the level of detail when it comes to modeling systems, the electrical distribution system, and the power plant, I can’t help but think about how much more intuitive and better laid out all the controls could be. Without getting into the classified stuff, when it comes to controlling a shipboard reactor or electrical plant, there are much, much easier ways to go about it that make it a lot harder to screw things up.

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Yep, agreed and I think they just did a basic grouping of what would be hit sequentially, which isn’t exactly ergonmic if you needed something in a hurry. Early alpha I guess :smile:

They opened up early access purchases, I’m still mulling it over…


$10 just for the alpha(?) stage I guess?

EDIT: A FAQ with some background info here, it seems pretty early days so far:


Hmmm, that’s tempting. Especially the advanced access with direct input into the design process- the design nerd in me is already starting to think on how to make this better… That’s a dangerous rabbit hole you’ve shown me, Frog…