DCS LSO Script

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Looks like some nice updates for this today. Keen to try it out when we put the pumpkins :jack_o_lantern: out.


This is the most involved procedure, but also the most satisfying when you complete the full sequence. The procedure requires you to request marshal from the CV, fly within the tolerance of the 5NM Marshal stack at your designated Angel (and change Angel as the stack collapses), exit the 5NM Marshal, and enter the Pattern. This approach can be done either as a Single Flight or as a Section (up to 2 flights).

1 ) Tune in to the CV Marshal Frequency. To check the frequency, go to ( F10 ) -> Carrier Menu -> ( F1 ) Carrier Comm Information. Look for “Marshal Freq”.
2 ) For Single Flight request for Marshal Approach: ( F10 ) -> Carrier Menu -> Find yourself ( F5-F8 ) -> ( F1 ) Request Marshal Single.
3 ) For Sectional request for Marshal Approach: ( F10 ) -> Carrier Menu -> Find yourself ( F5-F8 ) -> ( F2 ) Request Marshal Section. Note that your wingman needs to fly within 200ft from you to be counted as a Section.
4 ) If you are cleared for the approach, you will hear “[tail number #1] [tail number #2] Freedom Marshal, Angels [X]”.
5 ) Fly your designated Angels and hold a steady 5NM Marshal pattern above the CV (see the resources noted above for a description of this pattern).
6 ) If you hear “[tail number #1] [tail number #2] Push to Angels [X]”, it means that the Marshal stack has collapsed, and you (and your flight) have to push down One Angels to get Signal Charlie. Note that the verbal call will only be for flights in Angels Two, however, all flights must collapse to the appropriate Angel when this call is heard.
7 ) Signal Charlie will be called for you (and your flight) when you (the lead only) are approximately between 300°-330° to the CV and flying level at Angel Two and with the correct corresponding heading in the 5 NM Marshal Stack turn. If you are cleared to enter the pattern, you will hear “[tail number #1] [tail number #2] Signal Charlie Pattern, Check-in Button [#]”. Then tune into the designated Button (Channel #) to hear the LSO calls.
8 ) As you fly over the CV, you will hear “Check-in Clear” which will indicate that you are clear to engage the overhead break.
If you or your squadron is interested in going through the procedure, please send me a private message and I’m happy to walk you through in Multi-player.


Apparently the installation in existing missions has been simplied too, but that’s above my pay grade.

Updated OP link to new location.


Played around a little bit with @MBot today. We don’t get signal charlie when trying Marshall approach. Do you know which parameters the script checks for?

That’s the one where you are in the marshal stack and get called down, right? For me, it was a couple of loops around the carrier before I got it right. I had to be 2000ft +/- 50 (it may allow for more) at the 11/10 o’clock position (340 - 310 degree arc) of the curcuit and ‘the proper distance from the carrier’. Again, for me that was 3 to 4 nm from the boat TACAN. I was aiming for 3nm at the 12 and 6 o’clock (360 and 180 degree) positions and 5 at the 9 o’clock (270 degree) position. I hope that helps. I will give it a try in an hour or so and see if I can do it again and confirm.


After several tries it worked. I paid extra attention to maintaining altitude. Speed might also be a factor. We changed from 250 to 300 KIAS.

It’s really a nice mod :slight_smile:


I try to stay in that speed ballpark so that I have less to deal with when I get into the break and pattern :slight_smile: