DCS LUA question Max_burst_length

I am doing some mod’ing of the Pucara, as its creator currently has the 7.62 FN’s shoot 23mm cannon shells, and just directly copied over the entry from the A-4 20mm gun pod. I’ve got pretty much everything working, I am curious of the “max_burst_length” entry. I would think this would be for something like the capacity of a belt of ammunition on a pintle mount etc. Or if you there is some built in burst limiter. Would seem to make sense to set it to the max ammo available per gun otherwise, and call it a day right?

Several mods use very low numbers, and work just fine:

  • The MB-339 - max_burst_length = 3,–1, raffica da settare prima del volo: 0.5sec(11 colpi) od 1 sec (22 colpi) (translated to “burst to be set before the flight: 0.5sec (11 shots) or 1 sec (22 shots)”)

  • The AH6 - max_burst_length = 6, – minimum number of rounds fired per burst

So that has me scratching my head as these mods both worked fine. If I set max_burst_length to say 6 rounds, that’s all I get per pull of the trigger. While wonderful for ammo conservation, I am rather confused on how it’s supposed to work.