DCS M2000C official campaign teasers

Hey guys,

For those who have not seen it so far (though I guess you already have) first two teasers for the official M2000C campaign for DCS World:

Part 1: DCS M2000C Trailer 1 - YouTube
Part 2: DCS M2000C Trailer 2 - YouTube

The campaign will consist of 12 missions, starting as a series of training sorties for two USAF pilots sent with Personnel Exchange Programme to fly on Mirages but quickly turning into something more serious…


Looking good! Nice Work Baltic :smile:

I’m mostly a multiplayer guy but I might actually have a look at this campaign.

Nice! Very much looking forward to hearing more about this, @Baltic_Dragon!

Sounds very interesting! Let’s hope the Mirage is feature complete soon!

At the rate RAZBAM are releasing patches I expect it’s not gonna be too long.

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True enough, a year ago I wasn’t interested at all in the M2000, now I am following it quite closely. I think RAZBAM really has been showing other third party dev’s how to communicate. Although Belsimtek/Leatherneck obviously already have shown how to do it.

I’ll be in my bunk.