DCS: Mi-8 new campaign...The Border

Well…the trailer looks nice. And I like helicopters. Might have to pick this one up…


I am seriously thinking of picking this one up as well.

You…‘like’…helicopters…? You mean in the sim, right?
I sorta like what helicopters can do, but the helicopter itself scare the ■■■■ outta me!
But then again, I’m a normal pilot (is there such a thing, BTW?). :wink:

Edit: I got censored!!! Why isn’t there a badge for that? :slight_smile:

Yeah…sim. Interestingly, I’ve never been in a helicopter in real life. Despite having had access to one at any time at my job for the past two decades. They fascinate me…and I love sim helicopters…but like you, they seem ready to fly apart at any moment. It takes a special breed to fly rotorcraft…

I have to confess that I always wanted to fly helis myself. But when I looked at the prospect, realistically, I saw accidents, high loss of license rates and very expensive training. Vs. many years in a low paying high risk sling load operation, before landing a relatively ‘safe’ off-shore job where I would have to fly wearing a dry suit…