DCS: Mi-8MTV2 AI Flight Engineer!

Just … video … watch the video …

DCS Forum topic notes are here:

Our team continues working on DCS:Mi-8MTV2 gameplay improvements. As a part of development of AI crew for helicopters, we are currently testing a flight engineer AI module. The module is intended to help the player, which performs sling load tasks. AI assists the player with voice commands, hinting position of the helicopter relative to the cargo or release point and condition of the cargo during the flight. It is planned to have the voice assistance on all stages of sling load operation such as hooking the cargo, taking off with cargo, monitoring the cargo during the flight and releasing the cargo. Languages of voice assistant - Russian or English. In addition, these features will be later added to the DCS: UH-1H HUEY.

Looking awesome pretty awesome!


That is really, really cool. Happy to hear they will be added to the Huey too…! I really hope DCS becomes the heir apparent to the Search and Rescue series at some point. Between DCS, X-Plane, and Arma 3 helos…I’m a pretty happy camper right now.