DCS Mi-8MTV2: Practicing Take-offs and Landings

Been getting back into this helicopter. A lot of fun to fly.

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Good stuff. I hopped in the UH-1H yesterday for a little practice after a long absence…and man, what a handful that machine is. Love the helos though…


Yeah, I’ve started flying the UH-1H as well. I hadn’t touched this helicopter for quite a while, something like a year, year and a half. Wow! What a difference since the last time I flew it. AI gunners who actually shoot at things, being able to jump into the side gunner’s seat and use those mini-guns…LOL…what a blast! Definitely be flying this more. I’ve also noticed in flying these helicopters it kind of makes the Black Sea map a new thing. You get to go down into the weeds, valleys, in between building in large metro areas and the map seems like a whole new map. Kind of makes you want to explore it down low since you see things from such a different perspective. Been creating templates for helicopter missions I’m going to build because I see myself spending a lot of time in these modules.

Just finished some Mi-8 missions which focus on Med-evac situation. Makes you practice using the radio navigation equipment along with picking out land marks using visual navigation. Various weather conditions change the difficulty of each mission. Anyone want to try them, let me know and I’ll get them to you. All I ask is some feedback on what you liked, didn’t like.