DCS Mirage 2000C Bombing

We’re having some fun in the M2k this evening (well I am, while he does the easy bit of lasing with the jump jet!) so I made myself a quick cheat-sheet guide to jog my memory.

I thought it might be useful to others:

with a nod and thanx to Grim Reapers YouTube video, from which I took the screenshots…


Thanks for sharing! Looks about how I remember it.

I just want to add that the TAS and RS buttons control which sensors are used to estimate distance to the target:
TAS = Targeting radar points ahead and measures range
RS = Radar altimeter measures distance to ground below jet, assumes flat terrain and does the trigonometry.

So when operating over flat terrain, you can leave both on, but in the mountains, it should be better to turn off RS


Thank you sir for distilling the useful content out of that chatty medium and presenting it in a concise and useful manner. :salute:


That’s why I’ve circled both in the pic - just not a lot of space to go explaining it, though I s’pose it would be possible to.

I’m pleased you guys like the pic tute - I do these all the time to help me learn or remember procedures - I can upload future ones - or some I may upload to the User Files section if they are up to snuff.

It’s always nice to do something to help other simmers.

btw I’ll be doing lots of these in the near future for my new modules/mod aircraft.


Please do, these are wonderful! Thanks!


That’s kind - thank you. I just uploaded another guide to the user files - a start-up tutorial for the add-on mod A-29B Super Tucano. There isn’t really much to the procedure, but I did most of it the same as Rudel’s tutorial mission that comes with the mod.

It’s 40 images, so best get it from there if you want it. Crazy - one of the easiest start-up routines yet I think it’s the longest guide I’ve ever done! I’ll post the link once It’s been approved.


Here ya go:


I am a fan of the Tucano, whish Razabam hand’t secured that one with their 10 year backlog of modules.

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Me too - in both cases!

Here’s a kneeboard version - it’s untested as yet but I’ll be checking it shortly. I’m planning on doing some MB-339 tutes next, as there is very little to do with the Tucano (as in tutorials) and very little info about it in its current state.