DCS missile discussion.

Interesting video




Interesting indeed!

Listening to this in my car on the way to work.

For the novices out there (me - had to look it up) …

CFD - computational fluid dynamics
CD - coefficient of drag

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For RW fighter pilots, they use diagrams where all this is taken into account, plus testing. Picture a plane symbol with concentric semi-elispses around it showing the range at various altitudes and and closing speeds. There are many diagrams for each missile (I seem to remember each diagram was for a different altitude)…far too many for anyone to memorize them all, let alone recall exactly in a fluid fight. However, they were good for doing things like talk about tactics and establish ROE. Very cool video.


Sounds like the AIM-54C is going to be a monster!


[chuckles evilly in Link-4A & TWS]

Yeah. I mean. Yeah. That’s gonna hurt :slight_smile:

Certainly did for the Iraqis!

This video certainly proves what I’ve always known: fluid dynamics are a ■■■■■.

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Was indeed interesting. Finished it this afternoon. Clarification and question; so this guy is the guy that is working with Heatblur in order to make the most realistic missiles for the F-14…correct? Does this mean ED is working to change the other missiles in the game for the other aircraft? I don’t recall the answer being put out there?

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it was said that possibly the AIM 7 will change will the data given, but not confirmed


In the case of the sparrow, I believe that … that guy … IASGATG … has presented evidence to ED that is being actively considered. I think that he has previously presented evidence for the Sidewinder (but I am not sure) and yeah, he is working w/ Heatblur.



Do DCS servers already have missile restrictions on “certain” types of missiles? :smiley:

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Was an interesting inside view. :+1:

I can only tell you that Missiles discussions happens with military pilots/simulators too. Except,at least, everyone in the room knows the topic pretty well.