DCS Mission Editor Question

I am making a mission where I have 3 different jet types,M2000C, AV-8A, and F-14. All i am doing is a FAM flight. Is there a way to set it up so I can pick which jet I want to fly at mission start and then have the rest piloted by AI?

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Set each one to client, at the mission start it will pop up a selection window like in multiplayer.

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What @Andrew116 said is true, but the other flights won’t spawn in as flown by AI when you do this, though. You need to add duplicate flights for each type you want to be in this mission. Make them controlled by AI and turn on “late activation” for them. Create a trigger for “once” wich has a condition for “unit dead” (*) and which has action “group activate” for that AI airframe. The unit selected for the condition needs to be the airframe you want to fly!

*I think using unit dead works like this but I am not 100% sure.


So if I am understanding this right, The flight that I dont select are treated as dead units in game?

Unused units, basically. If you were to host it as a multiplayer mission, other people could hop into those slots. You can also hop into them later in the mission.

Get some.miz (3.3 MB)

Try this one, both to fly, but also to see how it’s put together. It’s a simple thing, but serves me well for my daily dose of BFM.


Thank you, ill give it a look over and a play through

Oops, yah what Sryan said. I learned something here too lol

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Yep I set up a once trigger to spawn an ai group once the other group was dead. If I didn’t select the group they were treated as dead

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I have a script that can detect clients by name. You could build off of that. I can send it to you after work.

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Could this automagically assign a paintscheme to said Client?

This is what I love about Mudspike. When I woke up tis morning I didn’t know this…and now, thanks to @Sryan, I do!

:confused: Confused. What is this “work” of which you speak? It sounds like it interferes with DCS time. :open_mouth: :wink:


Thanks for the very kind words! @Hangar200 you’re obviously also very much appreciated for the fantastic anecdotes and sea stories. I remember that a good long while ago (maybe years ago by now) you tried to make jets (viggens in particular) deploy stand-off munitions and then immediately disengage to safer skies rather than provide suicidal escort services to said stand-off weapon. Some months ago I thought of a mission with a similar idea, ran into the same problems and found a way to get the correct behavior. I thought of you but didn’t knew if you still cared or found another way. If you still want to know, I’d be happy to share

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I would like to see it!

LOL! I eventually corrected the errant wingman with a rather ham-fisted set of orders in the ME…had to add a couple of waypoints that were a bit confusing…and I think I had to cut down on his number of weapons. It worked but it was ugly and I eventually gave it up half finished.


Hey kome, I do not see how a skin could be assigned to the client after the client chooses the aircraft.
I do think multiplayer, while skins are typically single player.
Regardless, the client might be able to join in a Combined Arms or other slot, and then choose the desired aircraft’s skin using the Radio F10 Menu, then move to that aircraft client slot.

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Heh, don’t worry— it’s just my silly idea.
You know me by now.

If I could make skins for everyone who plays DCS…

Record screeching sound
Wait what?!

That’s what I mean!
Could we make that “IF” the client has a recognized name, it will assign a specific skin to the plane he chose?
Like- so we could have personalised names under the canopy and or other markings…

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For skins to work in multiplayer, ie for everyone to see the right skin, everyone needs to have every skin in their directory. And if all of the client slots are assigned to their particular pilots, then that would work.

Can you make me a RCAF 433 Squadron 2003 Demonstration team skin? :grin:


I’m confident I can do literally anything. :sunglasses:
My only problem is time.

The evil republic is on the offensive. One of few ways the coalition has a chance to slow their advance is to attack one of their forward supply points.

Intelligence suggests that the best way to may or may not accomplish this mission would be a low level ingress over the Inguri river using a stand-off weapon. The flight should do a high-speed subsonic ingress over this river. Start the supersonic phase of the flight close to the large bridge and then pop up just after the 2nd series of powerlines and deploy their stand-off weapon. It is then suggested to get the hell out of dodge as crossing the WEZ of the potent Tor air defense system is most likely.

The first few waypoints I programmed are unremarkable. just a low level flight over the water and starting the supersonic phase just before the large bridge.

Waypoint 4 is the first I really have to do something to make this attack succeed. At this point I consider the attack to be “comitted” and hence I disable reactions to threats. This prevents the AI from climbing, turning and deploying chaff while being hopelessly deep in the WEZ anyway. Since the next waypoint is at a higher level, this also becomes the defacto pop-up point.

Waypoint 5 is where the real magic happens. I have set up 3 actions in the advanced waypoint action list. The AI will attempt to perform these actions in the sequence they were entered into the mission editor. The first 2 actions, “bombing”, are nearly identical and simply provides the command and details to employ the stand-off weapons. The third action is a switch waypoint action. This means that immediately after deploying the weapons, the pilot checks his kneeboard and sees that his next order for this waypoint is to get out of there as soon as possible and start to RTB. For reliability’s sake, I always skip one waypoint. Let’s find out how this attack goes…

Fast and low over the waters as ordered.

As ordered, the supersonic feet-dry leg starts just before the big bridge.

The popup is performed a few seconds after passing the powerlines and weapon release is started.

Just as programmed, ordered and hoped for, our Viggen pilot enters a steep bank and pulls 8.8G to get away from the SA-15 immediately after the last weapon is released! :slight_smile:

The SA-15 still noticed us and is now angry. This AI is smarter, however, and lists self-preservation higher than vengeance and attempts to attack the incoming stand-off weapons.

One missile finds the mark and intercepts our weapon. But the other fails to maintain its track, one weapon slips through.

Heavy snow reported over the target area.

Good effects.

As ordered, our Viggen does a high speed leg back to the river and starts a more calm RTB leg.

Just in time for meatball soup :slight_smile:

It does require some testing and tweaking to get it right. But I find this way of designing stand-off attacks to be pretty reliable. Let me know what you think!