DCS Mission Editor Questions 2024

Didn’t see a current thread so figured I’d start one.

Is there a way to spawn a bomb in flight in the mission editor? I’m playing with the Kiowa for spotting and lasing targets, and getting the AI to drop LGB’s without using it’s own TGP is a mess. It occurred to me if I could just instance a falling GBU-10 in right area that would solve a lot of issues.


The task you describe isn’t something I’ve had to do, yet, but I’m sure I’ve heard this asked before (somewhere): the answer was to generate an explosion where you want it (pretty sure I’ve done this but it’s been a while).

So, unless it is a new thing (very possible I missed it), no way to do this - there are of course models of bombs but the coalition.addGroup() / coalition.addStaticObject() spawn fxn’s don’t do projectiles. BUT! I haven’t tried it; you’d need the unit.type value. DCS will probably freeze up and crash, hard, however (ask me now I know :wink: )

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I had considered this, but I wanted to be able to engage moving targets. Short version working on a mission using the Kiowa as a spotter for aircraft engaging a moving armored column. Calling the artillery script function kinda works, but it’s a kludge to something that ought to be really simple.

Kludge - yes, I’m familiar. My text-to-speech lua engine is one big one, but the only way to come close to what I want; this functionality is used by DCS but not exposed.

Found it. And I was close [to what it was]

offsets: table defining the position and orientation of the static object relative to the center of the offset unit. Table is simply in the format: {x, y, angle)

In the wiki. Don’t know how I missed this before.