DCS mission editor, trying to get night right

Hi guys,

I been fiddling with the mission editor again, trying to get a nice moonlit night. I did a little bit of digging and came up with a chart detailing the times of sunset, sunrise and moon phases. So I set a night with a full moon, some hours after sunset. Should be nice, right? ink-black. No stars. No moon. Black. Bug? or error between mouse and screen?

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Thats the right table for year 2011. There were moon lighting issues recently, and this latest patch did have something re the moon so there may still be a bug. Try accelerating the clock in single player mode to see if it improves over the night time - LCNTRL-Z I think it is.

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Let me know if you figure it out, night ops FTW.

yeah i set my mission date to july 24th 2011. Will try the mission clock thing.

It seems to be working and is much improved but something is definitely up with it. I believe there are certain angles where the moon disappears in the sky
and then comes back. I’m testing now and will report back…


Do you guys have or see a wierd filter effect at night? It’s like I have a kind of smudgy tint over the whole screen at night, particularly in external view with VR. I’ll try and take a screenshot.

I definitely do NOT get crystal clear night graphics like the shot above.

No effect during the day, that all looks normal.

Yep, there is a 90 minute window after sunset and before sunrise where the moon completely disappears. It is the kind of thing I hate to report because it is inconceivable that they do not know about it, but it does affect a couple of the Viggen Red Flag missions. I went ahead and let ‘the powers that be’ know.

Hopefully, that is all you were running into.

It would rock if you cold put a delta on gamma in a mission, like gamma +0.75 for night missions. I found out that after dusk and before dawn, it is inky black but at about 0400 it gets really nice, especially with the gamma turned up to 2.2 from my regular 1.7.

Got it going again! Love night ops. Kind of miss the oval NVG look though.I feel like the NVG FOV is a little small.

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Here’s another thing I found: things that look unplayably dark and devoid of contrast are actually quite nice when viewed with the VR goggles. Guess that uses a different shader or something like that?