DCS Mission Submission: Back Of The Hand

Mission Title
Back Of The Hand
Blue COOP, Air to Ground
Combined Arms

Back Of The Hand, Caucasus Map
Blue Air to Ground COOP
Red: Combined Arms
F10 All, Labels Optional (LShft-F10), 0720 09SEP


Red Democratic Republic armor and rocket artillery forces are moving through the Roki Tunnel into South Ossetia. These forces are heading south to Tskhinvali City, which leads towards Gori City in Georgia. The suspected goal is the aircraft assembly plant at Soganlug Airbase, near Tbilisi City. As many as 6,000 RDR soldiers are now camped along the northern Georgia border, in South Ossetia. The RDR has a significant industrial facility at Tskhinvali, which supplies rockets and other munitions to Red forces.

The Blue Liberation Front controls the E-60 Highway between Kutaisi in the west, eastward to central Gori City and eastward to Tbilisi. The Blue Liberation Front has outposts every ~40 km along this major E-60 Highway. Each outpost consists of a small compound with out-buildings and a few armored vehicles. Gori is lightly defended with armor; Blue does not have artillery and air defense capability. Blue operates a large combat aircraft assembly plant at Soganlug Airbase, close to the Tbilisi and Vaziani airfields. This aircraft plant produces the BLF’s best offensive and defensive capability of combat warplanes. The RDR has complained often about this aircraft plant, saying that it threatens the peace and stability of the region

In June of last year, the RDR increased its armor and artillery presence in Tskhinvali and built a headquarters compound at the rocket factory. Red forces are able to move quickly south, through the Roki Tunnel and to Tskhinvali. There they can resupply basic stores and fuel, and load full magazines of ordnance. The leader of the RDR, General Vaz, recently suggested that if the BLF does not shut down the aircraft assembly plant near Tbilisi then he will give the Blue leadership the “back of the hand” and attack it. Of course, this would result in severe consequences for the Tbilisi City economy, the tri-state airfields there, and the whole country of Georgia.

The BLF has appealed for international support, but so far little has been done to challenge the RDR military build up and take-over in South Ossetia. The West’s major power did provide a Reaper UAV for surveillance and defense, but its operations are outside the control of the BLF.

The Roki Tunnel has seen its share of invading Red forces over the years. BLF leadership have demanded an end to the constant Red aggression that use this portal to attack Georgia.

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