DCS Mission Submission: C-101CC Insurgent Interdiction

C-101CC_Interdiction_Insurgent_M1b.miz (3.0 MB)

C-101CC_Interdiction_Insurgent_M1a.miz (3.0 MB)

C-101CC_MPInterdiction_Insurgent_M1a.miz (3.0 MB)

C-101CC_MPInterdiction_Insurgent_M1b.miz (3.0 MB)

Four missions, two single player and two multiplayer where you and your wing-men fly as Jordanian pilots flying the C-101CC Light Attack aircraft interdicting insurgent supply lines running along the Omani coast.

The two single player missions are basically the same other than the second one has a bit more AAA assets to make your day more difficult. Same goes for the multiplayer missions. Multiplayer missions have MP in the name.

There are some WW2 Assets Pack units in the mission, mainly static trucks and such at the airport you take-off from. I wanted to make the mission look somewhat more European in terms of the equipment utilized and the WW2 Assets Pack did just that. The No. 11 Squadron of the Royal Jordanian Air Force actually flew these jets and I wanted to base a mission around them using the C-101CC because I really liked the skin used.

In addition, mission best used with Saudi skin packs found over at the Eagle Dynamics website under user downloads. There are Saudi aircraft you will run into within the mission.

The Aviodev C-101CC and EB modules are really fun to fly with a lot of wonderful systems functioning in the modules. They are also a blast in that you have to do old fashion bombing and navigation. Great modules to learn the basics of flight, navigation and weapons employment. I built these missions for teaching myself how to use this aircraft. Hope you enjoy.

Video below is a little movie a made a while back testing one of the single player missions for this module I created.