DCS Mission Submission: Channel Sandbox Missions

Updated 29SEP21

I’m releasing my Channel Sandbox missions. They started as simple missions where I could practice with the warbirds, then they evolved into a sandbox. Nothing dynamic, but still plenty of things to do: Intercept, escort, OCA, ground attack, ASW, recon, basically anything. It isn’t balanced for PvP, but can be played online. AAA and Flak has been nerfed the best I can with barrage triggers and placing guns in defilade so they can’t fire on low-flying targets. AI are dumbed down and will only go after their assigned task, mostly ignoring everything else, but will take evasive action.


Blue Client Aircraft
Biggin Hill - Spitfire x2
Hawkinge - Spitfire x2
High Halden - P-47D (all flavors) x2; P-51D-25 x2
Manston - Mosquito x4; Spitfire CW x2

Red Client Aircraft
Abbeville - Bf109K x2; Fw190A x2
Merville - Bf109K x2; Fw190A x2; Fw190D x2

Blue Air Assets (AI)

  1. Spitfire (singleton) CAP east of Dover/Manston.
  2. Mosquitoes (pair) ASW spawn north of Beachy Head at low altitude if you fly within the Beachy Head trigger zone. Target: Schnellboots in the Channel.
  3. A-20s (two waves of four each) will spawn WNW of Calais at medium altitude for an OCA strike on the St. Omer runway. Spawn time is around +00:20:00.
  4. B-17s (8) will spawn north of Calais at high altitude for a strike on the St. Omer rail yard. Spawn time is around +00:30:00.
  5. P-47s (2) ASW will spawn north of Cap Gris Nez at low-med altitude if you (red or blue) fly within that trigger zone. Target: Schnellboots in the bay near Etaples.
  6. P-47s (2) will spawn north of Cap Gris Nez at low-med altitude if you (red or blue) fly within that trigger zone. Target: Rail yard at Boulonge-sur-Mer.

Blue Surface Assets

  1. Supply convoy moving from Cap Gris Nez area to Calais.
  2. LST convoy off Dunkirk.
  3. LST convoy off Dungeness.
  4. Trains
  5. VIP traveling from Manston to High Halden, unmarked on map
  6. Light AAA around Manston, High Halden, Headcorn, and Hawkinge.
  7. Parked aircraft at Biggin Hill, Manston, High Halden, and Hawkinge.

Red Air Assets (AI)

  1. Fw190s (2) around Dungeness/Lympne to strike High Halden facilities. Spawn time around +00:20:00.
  2. Ju88s (2) east of Manston to strike Manston facilities. Spawn time around +00:20:00.
  3. Fw190s (3) to intercept B-17s, which will spawn when the B-17s pass over Calais.
  4. Bf109s (2) CAP west of St. Omer.
  5. Fw190s (2) for ASW on LSTs off of Dunkirk, which will spawn when you (red) pass near Dunkirk.

Red Surface Assets

  1. Schnellboots in the Channel south of Beachy Head.
  2. Schnellboots in the bay near Etaples.
  3. Wurzburg radar site west of Calais.
  4. Freya radar site at Dieppe.
  5. Flak batteries on the east side of St. Omer.
  6. Flak batteries on the harbor at Boulogne-sur-Mer.
  7. Supply convoy moving from Dunkirk to St. Omer
  8. Trains
  9. VIP traveling from Calais to Wallon-Cappel, unmarked on map
  10. V-1 launch sites at Ligescourt and Wallon-Cappel.
  11. Light AAA at St. Omer and Merville.
  12. Parked aircraft at St. Omer, Merville, and Abbeville.


Full moon for maximum illumination; I recommend the winter map for easier flying. Active airfields will pop illumination flares for landing whenever same-coalition aircraft enter the trigger zone. You will probably need to increase gamma or turn out your room lights to taxi out to the runway.

Roughly the same assets as above, but fewer client slots, no radar sites or V-1 sites, nor aircraft at Abbeville. You do get some landing Jerries to spawn near Merville if you fly Mosquitoes (and only Mosquitoes) for some intruder fun.


Sandbox Afternoon.miz (198.2 KB)
Sandbox Evening.miz (199.1 KB)
Sandbox Morning.miz (199.1 KB)
Sandbox Overcast.miz (199.2 KB)
Sandbox Rain.miz (199.1 KB)
Sandbox Winter Overcast.miz (199.2 KB)
Sandbox Winter.miz (199.2 KB)
Sandbox Night.miz (49.4 KB)
Sandbox Winter Night.miz (49.4 KB)


Nice Clutch! Definitely giving these a go :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Clutch! Gonna check these out now!

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Always nice to have someone else mission so you don’t know what’s coming. Thanks

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The trigger zones that spawn the Mossies and Jugs might be a little ambiguous, so if anyone gets lost I can grab a map shot to show where they are.

I updated the missions with some fixes. Mainly the B-17s weren’t playing ball. I finally got them to stick in a combat box. Also lead bomber group is immortal since the AI go retarded if the leader goes down. The left/right/back formations are killable.

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Second update to the daylight missions:

  • added trains to both coalitions
  • added German column to interdict
  • added “VIP” for each coalition (hidden for you to hunt down in transit)
  • added P-47D-30 (early) x2 at High Halden
  • added P-47D-30 (late) x2 at High Halden
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