DCS Mission Submission: Delta Five

Delta Five


Red has been illegally manufacturing SCUD launchers and moving them throughout their territory, in attempt to mask their sale to nefarious actors. This must be stopped! In a daring night time search and destroy, Blue must destroy all SCUDs before dawn!


Red has anywhere between 4 to 16 SCUD launchers inside their territory, with some moving to delivery points and some waiting for orders. You must find and destroy at least half of the SCUDs for success conditions, all for complete success, and the SCUDs plus the hidden depot for absolute victory.


This is a cooperative/PvE mission that starts at night. It can be relatively time consuming due to the search and destroy aspect as well as flight distance. There are 42 total slots and two main sectors, divided into USAF/RAF/AdA eastern sector and USN/USMC western sector. Airframes are F-14, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, AV-8, A-10A/C, Mirage 2000, and JF-17. For aircraft with an ADF capability on their radios, they can tune to 230AM UHF, which can give a rough bearing of the nearest SCUD unit. Those lacking this capability will have a text readout if they’re close enough to receive a signal.

The location of the SCUD depot is randomized every playthrough, as is the total number of SCUDs active. Sometimes all 16 might be active, sometimes only 4, and they may not all be active in both sectors.

There is a rudimentary IADS system linked to P-19 radars for EWR capability. If you are detected by these radars, red forces may activate ADA or fighters if you are within a certain distance of critical locations. You can destroy some of the EWR network, but destroying too many might cause red forces to scramble in preparation for an attack. Threats are primarily Hawk SAM, some SA-2, SA-6, with F-4, F-5, and MiG-29 fighters.

There are civilian/neutral units operating in the area, so make sure you don’t damage or destroy them. Doing so could cause a hostile response to blue operations in the region.

Weapon restrictions are active; LD-10, SD-10, AGM-154C, AIM-9X, AGM-65L, and GBU-54 are prohibited due to the scenario taking place in 2000.

The mission will last for 12 hours before restarting, roughly a couple hours past dawn.

delta_five_pg_ob256v0.miz (2.1 MB)


Updated: F-14s given default navigation points; F-16s and F-18s set to NVG helmet devices by default; weapon restriction script bug fix.

delta_five_pg_ob256v0.miz (2.1 MB)

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