DCS Mission Submission: Get Some! (Air to Air training)

Mission Title

Get Some


You airstart a little north off Kutaisi airfield that’s patrolled by enemy fighters. You are to do an air superiority sweep. Don’t the reds know this is a no-fly zone?


Shoot down any and all air targets. You may want to plonk down the bird at Senaki-Kholki for rearmament and refuelling. All air targets, got that? Go get 'em tiger!

Get some.miz (3.3 MB)


DCS 2.5.5

Can you catch 'em all? Do it in an F-5 or a MiG if you think you’re 'ard!


Nice mission, was fun landing to the top-gun theme :rofl:

I swapped out the PGU-28/b for HEI-T’s to have a slightly easier time gunning down baddies with the F-16. Atleast for as long as we only have the EEGS.

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It should be slightly different every time you run it, as the fighters are somewhat randomised.


This mission is EXCELLENT!! I had so much fun! I got my ass handed to me a few times but I held my own a fair bit which was nice!!

Thanks for posting it dude

Yeah getting caught out of position by those eagles or flankers can be pretty dang hairy!