DCS Mission Submission: Jumeriah Keyhole

Jumeirah Keyhole
Blue vs Red
F10 All, Labels Optional

A fun mission to test your flying skills. Fly COOP or Head-2-Head - it is Blue vs Red!

Win the mission by scoring eight points -
Each side gets plus-one point for each team’s pass through the Atlantis Hotel Keyhole,
And minus-one point for each team’s client pilot death.


…so there is this big hole in this hotel.

The first Client to take off will initiate the action, AND set the AI to either Korean War Era (MiG-15bis, F-86F Sabre) or to Modern War Era jets.

If the 1st Client takeoff is a Korean War Era (MiG-15bis, F-86F Sabre) jet then the AI opponents will be Korean War Era. If the first Client takeoff is a Modern Era jet the AI opponents will be Modern Era.


– This mission was updated recently to require 8 points to win instead of 6. AI planes were moved to Late Activation so they can’t be destroyed in parking spaces. F-14Bs added.

Get the latest DCS 2.5 mission here -
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We can haz vipers too? :eyes: :fighting_falcon:


Yes, I knew that was coming! :slight_smile:

Jumeriah Keyhole now has four Viper Clients. I also switched the Full Labels to Dot Labels.