DCS Mission Submission: Osiris Theatre

Osiris Theatre


Red has been constructing a nuclear reactor and it must be destroyed! 8 F-16s and 8 F-15s will fly a low level route below 6,000ft ASL across the Gulf to strike at the reactor facility. The four main facility structures must be destroyed before Red can begin production of nuclear weapons! Unfortunately, this mission must be conducted in secrecy; if any aircraft flies above 6,000ft ASL before the reactor is destroyed, Red forces will be alerted and neutral forces will deem you hostile and engage.


This is a cooperative/PvE mission intended for up to 16 players. There are 32 slots however, if you decide you want to totally dominate the map! It’s ridiculously simple and not a real challenge unless you violate the altitude limit or shoot at neutral aircraft. There are 8xF-16C, 8xF-15C, 8xF/A-18C, and 8xF-14B slots available. However, weapons are severely restricted to early 80s era equipment, leaving mostly dumb bombs with very few smart munitions available – and no targeting pods! This mission is primarily an exercise in fuel management for the F-16 and will take up to two hours to complete, depending on player count and strategy. If you’d prefer the F-15C, F/A-18C, or F-14B, feel free to give those a try!

I recommend downloading azl’s F-16C IAF/Iron Eagle skin as well as sadjad_vosoul’s excellent F-14B(A) Asia Minor skin for use with this mission.

Osiris Theatre ob255v0.miz (1014.6 KB)


Cool. I remember the actual mission.

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